Cube Delphinius or Mesh Matrix Titan Plus

  GT40 14:00 25 Sep 2005

I have a Mesh Elite computer(1.7G) using windows ME which is now 4 year old and I would like to upgrade to a newer model.
I have been looking at a Cube Delphinium and a Mesh Titan Plus but are not sure if there is anything out there better, or is to come shortly.
The unit is used for internet, huge amounts of photos, video, radio listening, some Tv and small business letters, games are only for the kids not me as yet. I would like to get a unit that will last for at least 3 years or more. Anyone got one of the above that could tell me how it meets up to their requirements

  GaT7 15:23 25 Sep 2005

Hi GT40, could you provide us links to the two systems so we can see how they compare. [Or, you can post the specs & price for each - try to ensure it's in a clear format that's easy to read. Otherwise it may end up looking like click here - no offence intended QL :-)]

We've had several problems with Mesh on this forum (click here), but they've probably sold many more machines than Cube247. Davey of Mesh Support has given very good service though, but obviously there are limits to how much he can help.

Feedback on Cube247 has been good so far click here & click here. G

  GaT7 15:40 25 Sep 2005

Some good Mesh feedback here - Thinking about Mesh (posted by member zalman786) click here. Apologies if you've seen it already. G

  GT40 16:49 25 Sep 2005

Thanks for the comments
The links to the websites for mesh and cube are
click here and look for Matrix Titan Plus and click here look for Delphinius ST2, these give the specs of machines above.
I have just got PC Advisor for November which has some test results in there but i still am not sure which one to buy.
I bought my Mesh on the advice given in certain magazines, and it has been good although now it cannot seem to handle all the work i put through it. I have had many freezes of the system which i can fix or repair. I just would like to try another company which offers a more high spec machine.
Any help would be useful

  GaT7 18:04 27 Sep 2005

GT40, have you decided which one to go for?

Mesh Matrix Titan Plus (direct link): click here - £2199 incl VAT / Review click here

Cube247 Delphinius (direct link):
click here - £2,099.00 incl VAT / Review of the Proxima (the Delphinius is mentioned) click here

Not much to choose between them to be honest - & performance wise, I haven't a clue.

If I had a choice between the two, I'd go for the MESH, for the following reasons (the Delpinius has it's good points too):

- WinXP Pro (& Works included)

- Bigger, & most probably better monitor - they're offering the 19" Sony MFM-HT95 PC/TV monitor (Configure/Order button -> Monitor field) for just £20 more - that particular model costs £500+ on it's own click here

- The FX-57 CPU (which costs just over £200 more than the X2 4600+) is supposed to be one of the best, if not the best, for gaming (may even out-perform the X2 4600+)

- Better graphics card (probably the best?)

- It's mobo has SLI capability (unlike Cube247's)

- More variety to choose from with respect to components/upgrades, with Configure/Buy

- Overall better value for money. Approx. total cost of individual components: Matrix Titan Plus: £2350 (actual £2199) / Delphinius: £1900 (actual £2,099).

To satisfy my own curiosity I've compared the 2 machines in Excel with price links, etc - email me if you'd like a copy. G

  Ceri.E 11:20 29 Sep 2005

I wanted to choose our own screen and speakers.

The base Leo was £1499 and I added:

2 Gigs of RAM £199
Windows XP Pro £110
Hiper psu £ 65
2 years warranty £ 69
Wirelss router £ 98

That way I get the GeForce 7800 and might be lucky enough to be able to clock the 4400+ X2 like 4800+ X2.

Lets' see how she rumbles.


  GaT7 20:33 29 Sep 2005

GT40, I should've told you how to send me your email address - i.e., by clicking on the little yellow envelope next to my username, & using the form - the message would've contained your email address.

In the future, please refrain from posting your email address in any open forum (or website) - it is openly exposed to anyone (& quite possibly to email bots click here), & thus can be misused/abused.

The Excel comparison is on it's way : ) G

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