Cube 247 Nova ST12 Great (almost)

  shynepo23 18:42 12 Oct 2007

Just recently I thought I fancied a new computer. I love gaming and I do music production so I thought I'd go all out with the Nova ST12. As usual I decided to read reviews AFTER my purchace which is stupid I know. I saw a very mixed bag of results and began to worry a little. But as I paid for the best system on Cube site I thought I garuenteed myself from faults.
My system arrived today and excitidly I plugged it in and away I went. Nope not at all. Immediately I was met with an error message "CPU fan disabled or running to slow". I dont know much about computers so I rang cube straight away. I was told to get a screwdriver, take of the side and fiddle about with cables around the fan to see if they were connected. Unprofesional?? hmmm. So I did this an eventually the fan whirrrred into life. One of the cables was not connected.
My computer starts and Im now getting excited again. Then I realise no sound. I ring Cube again and they tell me to take off the side again and check the sound card. I do this and to my amazement the sound card is not connected at all. I was told to ring back if I had anymore problems which I did. I was told I would be rang back. The call never came. I know nothing about fixing computers but put 2 and 2 togehter and plugged in the sound card to the socket which matched. This wasnt as easy as it sounds and I had a real struggle screwing it in.

I am really happy with my system NOW. I dont want to seem like a moaner but I just expect better when you pay so much.

Fan not working
Sound card unplugged
Poor customer service.

The guys at cube seem really helpful to make the sale then they aint fussed. I am not putting people of cube systems as mine is brilliant. Just ensure its all done correctly. ANY OPINIONS??

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