crucial - not perfect

  AlouetteIII 15:37 20 Apr 2009

Had memory from Crucial before, and always been very satisfied. Used their online scanner with my current PC; it told me 2 x 512 was installed in 2 slots and a further 2 slots were available - their schematic confirmed this. I ordered 2 x 1gb which, the scanner said, would up the total memory to 3gb. I belateldly took the side off the case last night to find there are only 2 slots, each of which has 512 in them. Not the end of the world as I shall remove those two and settle for 2gb with the new memory, but would advise others to look inside the case before accepting what the scanner says as gospel.

  birdface 17:41 20 Apr 2009

The same problem on here about a fortnight ago and the outcome was it was not Crucial's fault but it was who made the computer. I believe that they were going to get on to the manufacturer to complain but i never heard of the outcome.

It was a well known manufacturer who's name just escapes me.Maybe someone else will be able to enlighten you.

  Stuartli 18:42 20 Apr 2009

I will lay a pound to a penny that Crucial will sort this out for you both extremely quickly and without a quibble.

It is one of the finest on-line retailers around, has been for some considerable time, and is matched only by a comparatively few number of companies such as Amazon.

  GaT7 19:05 20 Apr 2009

"crucial - not perfect" - NO one is. But they, Amazon & a few others, are closest to 'perfection' one can get or can realistically expect.

"....but would advise others to look inside the case before accepting what the scanner says as gospel." - good advice. I try to always tell people who are enquiring about memory upgrades, to do just that to be more certain. Some choose not to do this (while some understandably cannot), but then blame others or the retailer if there's a mistake. G

  citadel 20:13 20 Apr 2009

memory has stickers on the side telling you what it is, all you need to do is get more of the same.

  Stuartli 23:55 20 Apr 2009

The motherboard manual should state what memory is appropriate and the number of slots available.

  ronalddonald 02:27 21 Apr 2009

problem with toshiba laptops using the crucial scanner

  AlouetteIII 09:45 21 Apr 2009

The computer is an Evesham, but looks as though the 'cube' is a re-badged Biostar. I have no criticism of Crucial whatsoever - my point was just that the scanner is not infallible, so it's worth checking inside the box.

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