Crucial Memory down again

  Djohn 19:25 05 Mar 2003

Crucial have reduced their memory prices again this affternoon.

512m of PC2100 £50-51

512m of PC2700 £57-56

  Djohn 19:50 05 Mar 2003

I have just placed an order for 512m PC2100. free delivery and with the discount coupon No. the total price is £47-99. How much cheaper can it get?.

Many thanks to Spooktooth for information on discount coupons. J.

  Spook Tooth 20:51 05 Mar 2003

Hee hee - nah worries mate. Glad somebody found them useful.

I wonder if it will get any lower also - my back to front logic is always wrong so I won't comment. Suffice to say I am *still* sorely tempted to go for 2xPC2700 modules myself.

  Dicmay 23:13 05 Mar 2003

Crucial have announced that there is a problem with their PC2700 512MB sticks and nforce 2 mobos. They're offering refunds or an exchange for pc2100 sticks.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 06:48 06 Mar 2003

Glad to hear it....this should bring their price down to that of the 4 sticks of 256 RAM that I bought £20 cheaper from PCW last week. :-)))))))))


Was that the Ram I found Cheaper at Watford Electronics??? ;-)))

  Djohn 07:44 06 Mar 2003

GANDALF <|:-)>, Different ram I'm sorry to say, I went along to PC World to check last week, and they did not have any 512 sticks of pc2100 in stock.

Only 256m of generic ram. :o(

  Spook Tooth 07:27 07 Mar 2003

Bit the bullet and put my order in today, ignoring the cheaper offers elsewhere in favour of a knowingly reliable product and aftersales service. Touch wood.

  mikef™ 09:19 07 Mar 2003

For those who may wonder why we rave about Crucial, apart from their superb delivery that is, have a read of this review click here

  Djohn 10:03 07 Mar 2003

Ordered at 19:45 wednesday evening, arrived at 09:00 this morning. Well packed with full fitting instructions. Excellent service, very pleased.

  ajm 10:41 07 Mar 2003

On Wednesday morning, i went to Crucial's website intending to purchase laptop memory. The price i got was £34.06. Found that my wallet was left at home and could not complete the transaction.

Yesterday night at home, took my wallet out and went thtough the procedure.. to my amazement i found that the same memory went UP to £39.94.

I emailed crucial about the price increase and am waiting for their reply.

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