Crucial .Memory

  amonra 17:03 24 Jun 2010

I know it's been said before but it deserves another plug. I ordered some memory from Crucial on Tuesday evening and it was delivered 7 am today Thursday. You cant fault their service, highly recommended.

  Mike D 08:04 25 Jun 2010

That would be the norm for Crucial, no special delivery, just damn fine service.
My record was an order placed at 16:45 on afternoon and delivery the next morning.

  Colin 13:50 25 Jun 2010

I ordered a book from Amazon last Sunday afternoon and selected free delivery which said I would receive it on Saturday 26 June. It turned up on Wednesday 23 June - excellent!

I've used Crucial a few times to buy memory and have alway's found their delivery to be very quick.

  Colin 13:50 25 Jun 2010

alway's = always

  Ford Prefect 01 12:57 27 Jun 2010

I've found with Crucial that there is no point using their special delivery, as their turnaround time is so good.

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