Crucial Gizmo

  Sibbo 19:25 05 Aug 2005

I'm thinking of buying one of the latest flash drives. The one shown at the link below looks good to me. Has anybody got one of these and got any comments about it? Thanks.

click here

  Forum Editor 23:02 05 Aug 2005

and although I haven't used that particular model I have several Flash drives which I use on a daily basis. I find them invaluable.

  Belatucadrus 00:53 06 Aug 2005

I also use flash drives, so far only 32 & 128Mb cheap ones. Great bits of kit, no more boxes of floppies and good for transferring quite significant files from one PC to another. The problem I find is that they're so compact it's easy to mislay one. Not a problem with £10 worth, but when you start looking at the big ones for £100 plus, I'd be scared to take them out of the house.

  vitrocmax 01:35 06 Aug 2005

and the prices have gone down a bit since I got mine. I noticed that their DDR memory has recently gone up, some by as much as 50%, so the price for the Gizmo is unlikely to drop much at the moment.

(I know they aren't the same but they all use memory chips, and the price fluctuates constantly, not always down)

I have also had good service from Direct USB, and they have some good products. The price of the Disgo Max 4MB is attractive. Although limited to 1GB, the LG retractable looks good, no cap to lose. click here

All the USB drives I've used have been reliable, but I've only just found one that went missing for a couple of months, under the car seat.

  radi8or 11:23 06 Aug 2005

I have one of these click here and a couple of smaller ones of the same make, come with a thingy so you can hang it around your neck if you are so inclined, also good transfer rate.

Regards Bob

  radi8or 11:30 06 Aug 2005


you also get driver disc if you have Windows 98

Regards Bob

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