Flaco 22:19 23 Feb 2005

I'm not often given to doing this for the corporate community but feel I have to give a thumbs-up to Crucial's customer support team.

I'm always impressed when a company individual takes ownership of issues and deals with an enquiry efficiently and non-patronizingly until it's concluded fully, no matter how inept the question may be (that's me folks! :) ) - ps. thank you Gill Smith.

That really tells me something about how good an outfit is likely to be from top to bottom. It prompted me to have a look at the Crucial site under 'About Us' (when was the last time I felt like doing that?). I read the Crucial Promise and immediately realized that they had ticked every one of those lines off perfectly in the course of my enquiry. And all that through an individual point of contact.

Is that impressive, or what?

Oh, and the product works, of course.

  Modo 22:33 23 Feb 2005

If capitalism worked as advertised Crucial would be running

--PCW and every other company in that lethargic group
--- Medion

& a host of other bloated corporations

  Flaco 21:25 24 Feb 2005

Certainly would be interesting, wouldn't it? Although I'm still impressed by Evesham, too.

  Lettervanman 21:36 24 Feb 2005

I am also a happy customer of Crucial,if you search this site you will find many other good reports,including one from me!

Makes a change from the bad stuff!

  Harry Re 17:40 25 Feb 2005

I ordered some memory from Crucial on 24/02/05 via there web site.This was delivered on the 25/02/05,15
minutes after delivery all installed and working perfect.Crucial defiantly gets the thumbs up from me
a very happy customer.Like Lettervanmam says makes a change from all the bad stuff that you read here about other companies.

  bluewren 19:58 03 Mar 2005

I caught your thread here just as I am about to order new memory - Thanks for the positive comments - it has swung my purchasing decision.

  vitrocmax 23:46 03 Mar 2005

It will be a sad day if Crucial lower their level of service to that of most other companies I've dealt with - I cannot fault any aspect of their service so far. And the prices keep on falling! I notice that 512MB of basic PC3200 has just dropped another couple of pounds to £42.29 and that's a delivered price - a month ago it was £10 more. I have had a few email discussions with their staff and they couldn't be more friendly and helpful.

  Flaco 00:35 04 Mar 2005

Glad to hear that, Bluewren. Nice to know that this kind of feedback has a positive effect for those companies that deserve it. So much nicer than having to bitch about about company X, Y, Z, etc.

At this rate, I'll talk myself into buying shares...

  g0slp 05:19 04 Mar 2005

I've just bought some memory from Crucial. Very, very impressed with their efforts to ensure that I received exactly what I wanted, & delivery was exactly as described too.

Any company that can offer great service to the 'little guy', as well as for large companies/orders, deserves to be praised.

Thanks again, Crucial.

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