Crt or Tft

  Bill-227215 22:35 11 Dec 2003

This is the first time i have ever written to any forum so help needed,i am buying a new monitor for watching movie's,playing games and to edit photo's.Should i go for crt or tft.

  tarkus 23:23 11 Dec 2003

personally would go for a high quality 19 or 21 crt especially if editing photos, and there are some real bargins around at the moment if you look round the computer fairs

  Forum Editor 23:25 11 Dec 2003

There's always a good deal of debate about this.

In my line of business I work with images quite a lot, both for print media and for web site design, and I can assure you that a good CRT monitor beats a TFT display every time when it comes to colour rendering. For that reason I use 21" CRT monitors and put up with the sheer bulk of the beasts as they take up acres of my desk space.

TFT screens are obviously user friendly in terms of deskspace, and the later models have excellent display quality. Ultimately we'll all be using these screens because the industry is moving us in that direction. For the time being though, I'll hang on to my CRT monsters.

  Hyperangelic 09:39 12 Dec 2003

FE is right, you can't beat the CRT monitors - bear in mind however, that they are HUGE. I love my 19" CRT dearly, but I hate how big it is. My nephew's TFT is fine in general quality and takes up 1/10th of the space.

If you're seriously into the quality aspect of the image, then go CRT. If you are happy with a fraction less and having a desk you can actually use, then go TFT.

  helmetshine 10:25 12 Dec 2003

Also bear in mind that TFT's only look their best at one resolution...their native one,and you may want or need to play your games at different resolutions.
You'll also need to make sure it has a low response time or any fast moving scenes in games or films could suffer some blurring...neither of these problems affect CRT's.

  Bill-227215 22:56 12 Dec 2003

Thanks all for your advice will go with 19"crt.

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