Credit card rights?

  Simsy 08:16 26 Apr 2010


I note that many retailers are now permitting PayPal as a payment method...

I'm aware that when paying for something using a credit card the credit company may be held liable if something goes awry with the goods...

Does this apply if you pay by an indirect method, such as PayPal?

In my case, my credit card is automatically debited by PayPal to meet the cost of my purchase via PayPal, (which up to now has only been used for eBay purchases). If I were to use PayPal to buy something from an online retailer, which would mean my credit card would be automatically, immediately, debited to meet the payment, would I have recourse to the credit card company if something went wrong with the purchase?

It's not a problem I have... just wondering. I suspect that the protection doesn't exist in these circumstances. Anybody know?



  961 09:14 26 Apr 2010

So far as I am aware you are not covered when paying through a third party and this applies to more than just Pay Pal

click here

However, I don't recall the matter being tested in court. Yet

  dms_05 09:17 26 Apr 2010

I did have a problem with a fraudulent seller on eBay and had used PayPal to pay, with the money comming direct from my Credit Card. They split the fraud between them, PayPal took the first £100 and Visa the balance. So they do have a system for purchases from ebay but I've never had a bad experience using PayPal online for other retailers, although I do use the system. I'd always assumed I wouldn't get the same protection as the CC company isn't dealing directly with the retailer but maybe PayPal is large enough to insist the same protection applies. It would be interesting to know the definitive answer.

  morddwyd 09:24 26 Apr 2010

Could always try asking a credit card company.

They should know!

  spuds 17:19 26 Apr 2010

I think that you will find PayPal mention in their terms and conditions, that any payment via credit card, in the first instant, you should take it up with the credit card company.

But eBay and PayPal have recently reviewed their methods of protection.

The same possibly applies to payments via Google.

  Simsy 20:29 26 Apr 2010

I get that... what I'm wondering is the legal position...

If I buy something from a retailer, (not eBay), using PayPal, which effectively, (but not ACTUALLY), means I've "bought" it with my credit card, do I have the same LEGAL protection, (i.e. not retailer's or PayPal's T&Cs), as if I'd ACTUALLY paid with a credit card.

By way of a bit more background...
Lots of retailers don't accept American Express, but PayPal do... If I use my AmEx card I get air miles.

I'd like to get the airmiles when spending a large sum, but not at the expense of my rights under credit law.



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