Credit Card Charged - Goods not received

  Border View 09:51 16 Dec 2003

On 1st December I ordered, over the telephone, some census material on CD. Paid for by credit card. I was assured that my card would not be charged until despatch. The Company web page states this several times.Despatch would be later in the week.

On 9th December I telephoned the company again to say that the CDs had not arrived. Was told that they were in the post room. I should telephone again on Friday 12th if they hadnt arrived. Telephoned the company on Friday 12th to be assured that the CDs had been posted on the 9th December.

Monday 15th December still to CDs so telephoned my credit card company to be told that my account had been charged for the CDs on the 2nd December (£83). Then telephoned the company again to be told they could not understand why I had not received the goods because they had been posted in a jiffy bag on the 9th December. Talk of making up another set – which would take a number of days – and send them recorded delivery.

These CDs are Christmas presents, I have not been out of the house waiting for delivery. I feel like cancelling the order.

Can anyone please advise

(a) Was the Company acting correctly in charging my account long before the goods were despatched.

(b) Can I cancel the order

(c) Should I again contact my credit card company

Am ready to tear my hair out – what can I do?

  Border View 10:00 16 Dec 2003

This is uncanny. Seven minutes after posting the above the postman made a second delivery to my house with said goods.

Still wonder about the company charging my account long before the goods were despatched.

  Stuartli 11:31 16 Dec 2003

Still worth writing a letter of complaint to the firm and also informing your credit card company.

Point out to the company concerned that you will not, in view of their action, be placing any more orders with them.

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