Creative Zen Touch 20Gb... Buy or Wait?

  Azrael 13:11 17 Feb 2005

I recently received £190 in Dixons/PcWorld Coverplan vouchers, as my poor old Panasonic minidisk player had to be written off after it's third repair. Now last night I was going to quite happily trundle up to my local Dixon group store and purchase the Creative Zen Touch 20Gb for the in store price of £179.99. I have had my mind set on that particular player all while my Minidisk was playing up. At once bought I gather I would have been very happy with it. BUT!!

Before I had a chance to blissfully purchase my dream player, some doubt was set in, by a guy I spoke to. He was a Dixon’s employee shopping at the game store that I work, and I told him that I was going to buy this player, but he said that I should wait THREE WEEKS to purchase the newer model.

Now this is main predicament …and I simply don’t know what to do… I really want a player now, as I love music on the move. I miss my minidisk player already and the thought of 10,000 songs on one machine sounds amazing. - Though I don’t want to hand over my 190 in vouchers only to discover a newer better version on the player next month.

I have looked around the websites to try and find out what this new player is… but I am unsure if it may be an unannounced player or one of the many other different models Creative make, as Dixon’s aren’t the most up-to-date electronics store in the world…

Can anyone with some good knowledge of Creative or mp3 players generally make some suggestions as to what to do?

  byfordr 13:49 17 Feb 2005

click here
Are they referring to this one?

click here

£180 for 20gb seems steep even for Dixons.

Just picked up a couple of 40gb for £155


  Joe R 15:01 17 Feb 2005
  Azrael 15:06 17 Feb 2005

Cheers guys, the money is not such an issue, as I got vouchers to cover it... I'm more worried about buying an item that is soon to be replaced....

Though it just goes to show how expensive High Street shopping is...

'Creative Zen Touch 20Gb'
Dixons £179.99 inc vat
Plantet Micro £152.69 inc vat

£27.30 cheaper!!

  Joe R 15:20 17 Feb 2005

" I'm more worried about buying an item that is soon to be replaced "

I wouldn't be worried about it being replaced, as it will still have a warranty.

If it is larger capacity, drive you are thinking about, this player will hold over 100 albums, at a good quality setting.

  wjrt 15:30 17 Feb 2005

click here

or here for 30GB

  Azrael 15:34 17 Feb 2005

Thanks for all your help folks...

I've called my local Currys they are holding a 20GB which are currently low stock, and also a 40GB which I believe is 60quid more, I'll decide which to go for once I arrive at the store, I've already gained as 3yrds ago my minidisc player cost 180, they have refunded me 190 in vouchers, i might be tempted to pay the 60quid for thr 40GB

  byfordr 19:41 18 Feb 2005

I think in your position I would be tempted to slap 60 large down for the 40gb player. Size does matter!

I think the newer ones look a lot nicer but I rather suspect they'll cost even more.


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