Creative zen

  fox-knight 20:51 27 Oct 2004

i have just bought a zen xtra 30gb, played it for the first time, the battery is now dead and refuses to charge, can ne1 help!!! please

  Tim1964 23:00 27 Oct 2004

Where did you buy it from?

Even if it was an auction, my advice would be...clear your music off, and send it back. It's not of 'merchantible quality' and 'unfit for the purpose for which it was bought'. It's the sellers responsibilty to sort it out. It may have been a 'Friday afternoon job'

  fox-knight 18:01 28 Oct 2004

i bought it from amazon
a reputable dealer, i would have thought, my feelings are that i have dud battery & need to somehow kickstart it, i am currntly mailing creative for a solution, but there not quick to get back to me!

  rickf 18:05 28 Oct 2004

As a last resort you might try to hard reset it by pushing something like a straghtened paper clip through the aperture on the side of the device. Did you charged it up fully before using for the first time. I ask because I had a Zen and it never gave any probs. My son's got one as well for over a yr. and half now and its been very reliable, given that his a teenager, that's something.

  rickf 18:07 28 Oct 2004

BTW, please read the instructions on hard reset first before attempting. I would hate to be responsible for any further probs.

  fox-knight 18:14 28 Oct 2004

the one thing i probably guilty off is not charging it fully before playing with it (im like a kid with a new toy cant wait). i have tried the hard reset as advised by creative, the adised an upgrade of the firmware, but i cant even acesss the reboot menu (pin in hole + ply)

  rickf 20:23 28 Oct 2004

Best return it as unfit for purpose is what I would suggest.

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