Creative or Logitech - which are better speakers?

  giggsy 15:24 26 Dec 2005

Compliments of the season everyone. I'm gonna be purchasing some new speakers in the new year to replace my creative inspire 5300's which have taken a battering over the last few years. I am unsure whether to go down the creative route again or try logitech. They will mainly be connected to my pc, but I also intend to use them with my dvd player in the lounge. I've looked at the gigaworks and megaworks systems from creative and also the logitech 680's as well, but would really appreciate some feedback from people with experience of both as I don't know which to get. Thanks guys!

  Stuartli 18:07 26 Dec 2005

The only way to find out is to listen to to as many of the speakers as possible - personal recommendations for such important sound system components as speakers are highly individual.

Staples has comparator demonstrations and no doubt other major computer retail outlets also provide the facility.

One other route could be to consider computer system speakers from noted hi-fi specialists Altec Lansing and Harmon Kardon.

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:31 26 Dec 2005

Harmon Kardon/JBL make some excellent speakers. I have a set of JBL Encounters, a 2.1 set though 5.1 are avilable, which sound superb and have plenty of power.

  GaT7 22:33 26 Dec 2005

What soundcard do you have?

If money is not an issue, the Logitech Z-5500. Canis meus id co, a member of this forum, has them - click here & scroll down. Reviews click here, click here & click here. Cheapest I could find £181 (incl del) click here.

If you can go higher, the Logitech Z-5450 click here with rear wireless speakers. £243 (incl del) from click here. G

  giggsy 12:55 27 Dec 2005

I've got an old audigy 2 card (6.1 channel). I've always had creative speakers but as I will be connecting them to my dvd player, I think the logitech route would be best as they come with a decoder. I've looked at the 5500 and would prob pick them over the 5450 as they are more powerful (even though the rear speakers aren't wireless). Budget is around the £200 mark so think I might have to go with the 5500's crossbow7!

  Radix Lecti 19:12 27 Dec 2005

I don't think you'll be dissappointed (*especially* in movies).

And yes, amazon do offer the best price at the mo.

  giggsy 21:15 28 Dec 2005

Think it will have to be the 5500's. Are they easy to connect to a dvd player do you know Radix Lecti?

  Radix Lecti 23:23 28 Dec 2005

Extremely simple. If you have an optical cable that would prob be the easiest. Just one cable, that's all that's required.

  WHU 23:56 28 Dec 2005

Ive just purchased some Creative T6060 5.1 speakers, and for £60 they are excellent. I only use them in my bedroom which is quite small, but they sound great with surround sound movies. I would imagine they would struggle in a larger room though. Not quite sure how they would connect to a dvd player.

  giggsy 18:33 31 Dec 2005

Thanks for the help guys. Think I'll order the 5500's in the new year and get them set up in the living room as I reckon they'll be too loud for my little bedroom! Have a happy new year people!

  GaT7 20:08 31 Dec 2005

In a way, I'm glad & disappointed for the SAME reason - we're not neighbours ;0))

Happy New Year to you too! G

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