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  harps1h 19:33 29 Jun 2005

i haven't posted on the forum for sometime now, but i would to give creative a mention.

last december i bought my daughter a creative zen xtra for christmas, but in march the battery refused to recharge. this was replaced after a bit of to and from mailing and a periods of three weeks.

this time however their customer service was second to none. last tuesday it refused to boot up and after a while it came up with a hdd error. i sent creative a mail describing the problem and they asked me to try a possible solution. this didn't work and after confirming my details an rma number was issued last friday. the parcel was posted on saturday and the replacement arrived today.

i have to say i was very impressed by this and it makes you wonder why cant other companies follow this example.

  Stuartli 20:08 29 Jun 2005

..follow this example?

But many, many of them do...:-)

There are many instances readily available in these forums.

However, I must point out that your apparent initial impression of Creative ("...this was replaced after a bit of to and from mailing and a periods of three weeks....") was only reversed by its action over the hard drive.

I haven't visited the Creative forums for quite some time now, but I do recall that the company allowed some remarkably strong complaints about it to stand in those particular forums.

A number of the problems were solved, in fact, by some Creative employees offering their own advice whenever they got the chance.

  harps1h 20:46 29 Jun 2005

to clarify about the battery the mails were to try and eliminate possibilities and determine where the fault lay. at all times i found their approach nothing less than professional. i am also well aware that there are many companies out there who provide this kind of service eg crucial, but i thought that to praise a company when it does a good service, rather constantly slate companies as we are all prone to do and i am no exception in this. we see all too many times on this forum complaint after complaint. i just thought it would be nice to reverse the trend

  Stuartli 22:57 29 Jun 2005

You've explained the first part of your thread somewhat more clearly this time...:-)

It reads as though you were not happy.

I fully agree with your view that praise should be given when deserved - unfortunately the moaners far outweigh those who are happy with a firm but never make it public knowledge.

  Sans le Sou 23:06 30 Jun 2005

You can't win can you!

  harps1h 23:17 30 Jun 2005

not really but you like to try to swim against the tide sometimes. futile as it is!

  Stuartli 09:22 01 Jul 2005

Perhaps if you read the thread and postings a little more carefully you will appreciate that you are slightly off the mark...:-)

  Sans le Sou 14:48 01 Jul 2005

You could take your own advice it appears

  Stuartli 16:59 01 Jul 2005

Then how do you explain why this comment would not give the earlier impression of being unhappy about service received: "...this time however their customer service was second to none"?

As I've stated, I'm all in favour of praising top customer care - which is what harps1h has done.

Unfortunately, as I also stated, the moaners are almost invariably to the fore and those who are satisfied, just as harps1h was in this instance, rarely advertise the fact.

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