creating home movies - help needed!

  bigbluebear 18:26 27 Jul 2003

just bought a Sony DCR-TRV33E mini-DV camcorder. Works well and takes great shots.

now want to edit movies and create DVDs. What software and hardware should I go for?

Currently running a pc with 1.7gb Athlon chip, 80gb HD, CD burner and DVD ROM.

Camcorder has USB and iLink DV connections - any suggestions? Cheers

  [email protected] 19:26 27 Jul 2003

talk to some of their software is excellent. Thye have just brought out a new movie editing software program. I am not @ that stage yet maybe for Xmas

  bremner 19:40 27 Jul 2003

You will need

1. A device to capture the video from the camera.

2. Software to edit the captured video.

3. Software to burn the edited video.

4. A DVD burner.

If you have Windows XP then this comes with Movie Maker a basic package that can cover point 2 and with the relevant lead: USB/Firewire can deal with point 1.

Ahead Nero can do point 3 and there are now many DVD burners on the market.

  MALLET 20:09 27 Jul 2003

After asking a similar question on this forum. I purchased an adaptec AFW-4300 DV+ from Amazon.
The PCI IEEE 1394 Fire wire card is simple to install and the software (Sonic Mydvd) is a doddle to use. The quality of my last holiday film is great when recorded on to DVD.
Price was £53 ish including delivery.

  scotty 12:04 28 Jul 2003

USB is for transfering still photos only.

iLink is the same as firewire and IEE1394 which is the method you will use for transfering video to the PC.

Is the TRV33E DV in enabled? That is, does the firewire port operate in both directions allowing you to send your finished masterpiece back to tape? If so, you have the option of storing the edited film on tape, or, as bremner suggests, you can use DVD.

I use Pinnacle Studio 8 to transfer and edit video. I have seen reports that some people had troubles with the software, particularly the first releases. However, I find the simple things I do (transfer, edit, add titles etc) work fine.

You will need a firewire port on your PC. Some people recommend a separate hard drive for video editing but you could try on the single drive and see how you get on.

  bigbluebear 13:33 29 Jul 2003

Thanks all - that's really helpful

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