Crazy but true!

  hugh144 11:38 27 Dec 2008

Having decided to buy a PC to replace my old Evesham PC, I fancied the look of the Sony VGC ‘all in one’ desktop. The best deal I could find was with John Lewis Direct who were offering the machine for £680 (free 2 year guarantee)with a copy of MS Office (Home & Student) at £57 (a £40 reduction) However, upon taking delivery I found that it was minus the MS Office software.
I phoned their Customer Services department and explained the situation, but was told that as the software was part of a package they were now UNABLE to provide me with the software. I was then offered the reimbursement of the cost of the software i.e. £57.
As one of the main reasons for buying the computer from John Lewis was the special offer of £40 off the cost of MS Office, this was unacceptable. (I was then offered Open Office software as a replacement).
Stalemate was reached and I reluctantly decided to arrange the return of the PC and a full refund, I will now probably look elsewhere!

  Marko797 11:44 27 Dec 2008

u've returned, what u considered to be, a good pc (hence ur reason for buying it in the first place i.e. 'the best deal I could find') just because you didn't get the reduced cost software?

Crazy indeed!

  ICF 12:00 27 Dec 2008

You should have taken the refund and bought it from PC world for £54.03p and saved yourself £2.97p

click here

  Forum Editor 12:10 27 Dec 2008

that I'm totally puzzled by your reaction - you seem to have talked yourself out of a pretty good deal here, all for the sake of some software which you could get elsewhere for slightly less than the £57 you were being offered as a refund.

  spuds 12:33 27 Dec 2008

Its strange how things work out differently with purchases from John Lewis. I have never used a John Lewis store until recently, when their brand new store opened in my area.

I was in town and decided via a JL email prompt,to have a browse at the new television range. Not only did they do 'a deal' with price matching, free extras and interest free purchase option, free delivery and 5 year free warranty, they also offered free drinks (at customer services) or a meal in their restaurant (from shop floor staff) because the deal was taking a little longer to complete. More that satisfied with the actions of the store and staff (partners!) and I said so on their comment and suggestions card.

Yet only the other day, I was giving my praise to some friends about JL, and their experiences in the JL lighting department was very non-standard. Their purchase took far to long, with attendance by three staff who didn't seem 'clued-up' and were unhelpful. My friends wanted the item, didn't fancy shopping any further, made the purchase and left the store with a 'will we try again next time' taste in the mouth.A zero rating that time!.

But having said all that, I found the JL computer and accessories section very disappointing at this new store.And the one person who appeared to be doing a stock check, knew nothing about printer cartridges, or whether they stocked the type that I was wanting. ICF's suggestion does seem a good alternative though!.

  hugh144 12:54 27 Dec 2008

Mmm - I accept your points, but still can't really understand why JL couldn't just send the software to me. After all the initial offer did include the PC AND software. Also, with regard to the cost issue, pre- Christmas the MS Office software was being advertised elsewhere at £90! It just seems a gr8 pity that they couldn't oblige, especially when stores are striving so hard to do business!

Thanks for your views and a Happy New Year

  carver 14:46 27 Dec 2008

It doe's seem very strange that you refused a very good offer from them, 2 year warranty from John Lewis, a refund because they couldn't supply a bit of software and you returned a PC you wanted, how weird.

  tullie 14:57 27 Dec 2008

Very odd!!

  iscanut 16:05 27 Dec 2008

Latest version of Office 2007 ( Student & Home) is also £54 on Amazon..seems crazy to reject a good pc and not buy the software elsewhere.

  alB 16:13 27 Dec 2008

For that price I think I would get back on the phone and reorder it while they've got some left click here ...alB

  hugh144 19:25 27 Dec 2008

Thanks - looks as if I made a hasty decision that could have been resolved better by BOTH parties! thanks for your words of wisdom. Nothing more to say on the subject so matter resolved.

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