crap virgin service yet again

  Newuser2 19:12 18 Mar 2010

My virgin phone line is down yet again.
Trying to get any sense out of anyone at Virgin is like pulling hens teeth.
I spoke to someone in a distant call center who said they were transferring me and then nothing.
I shall be calling the disconnections dept tomorrow providing I have a line that is.

  Terry Brown 20:30 18 Mar 2010

Instead of Telephoning them, go to and email them with the fault. You will normally get a better response (at least , I do).

  Paul-1379466 20:45 18 Mar 2010

Never had a problem with reaching them or their service, the best ISP by far I have used in 15 years of using the net.

  Paul-1379466 20:48 18 Mar 2010

BTW Your title for the thread speaks volumes about yourself. I wonder if your attitude has anything to do with the service you don't get. (It does with me as an on site UPS systems engineer)

  birdface 23:40 18 Mar 2010

Personally I think they charge to much and putting there prices up next month was a step in the wrong Direction.
Sky are doing half price packages for 1 year and o2 is starting there home phone service this month which is going to be far cheaper than Virgin.
Apart from that there service has always been first class once they found out what the problem was.

  Newuser2 08:03 19 Mar 2010

The line came back on at about9 30. last night.
I called and eventually after going thru gods knows how many menus I spoke to some one who after about 10 mins told me there was a fault and an engineer would come out next week.
I will call Virgins disconnection's dept this morning as in the past they seem to be the only people who have any clout over any probs.
Purple sky
I pay for a service and expect to get the service I pay for and I don't suffer fools.

  Strawballs 09:31 19 Mar 2010

Never had a problem with them always sorted things quickly and efficiently, I've been with them (apart from a short spell with BT who dissconected us for over use) going right back to thier NYNEX days.

  BT 17:01 19 Mar 2010

We've had Cable & Wireless/NTL/Virgin for many years and rarely had any problems with the phones apart from a couple of times due to problems outside their control.
Once in London when an Electricity substation had a fire which affected their Cable and Telephone systems.
Once here in Norwich when a local lightening strike knocked out one of their kerbside boxes as well as setting light to the roof of an adjacent house.

In fact they were very accomodating when due to a mix up when we moved from London to Norwich we were without service for 3 weeks. Their 'Moving House' service wasn't able to cope with moving to a different town. Once the problem was recognised they actually sent a fitter out in the evening to install our services.

  Paul-1379466 23:13 19 Mar 2010

Newuser2, 'I pay for a service and expect to get the service I pay for and I don't suffer fools.'

Maybe the people you speak to on the phone & the engineers who sort the problem don't suffer fools gladly either?

You would certainly be put neat the bottom of the days work if I dealt with you. The way you treat & speak to people has a massive effect on the speed of your repair, I can assure you of that.

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