Crack on monitor coved by guarantee?

  johncampbell 15:54 08 Jun 2003

I bought a new mesh computer 2 months ago had no problems with it at all, but the monitor a NEC Mitsubishi diamond pro 750 has a tiny crack/chip on the surface about 3mm in diameter in the middle of the screen. Although the monitor still works it's really annoying, I don't know how it got there but will I be able to get it fixed or replaced by NEC Mitsubishi or is it a case of misuse due to it being on the outside of the monitor and not something going wrong inside of it.

  -pops- 16:09 08 Jun 2003

Is this a CRT? Is the fault on the monitor itself or on a protective cover sheet?

If the answer is YES, DO NOT USE monitor. There is a very high vacuum in a CRT and a fault in the glass weakens the whole tube such that it could implode very loudly and with very unfortunate results. It is VITAL that you get this looked at/rectified without delay.

A surface chip is less likely to be as dangerous as a crack but even so, get it fixed.


  Forum Editor 18:35 08 Jun 2003

from -pops-.

I've seen a CRT tube implode, and it wasn't a pleasant experience. There's no need to panic as long as you avoid any accidental knocks to the screen, but do get the monitor replaced - a repair probably isn't viable. If the fault was there when the monitor arrived you should have contacted Mesh immediately, but it's still worth contacting them now.
If you have caused the chip yourself you'll obviously need to bear the cost of replacement.

  spuds 18:51 08 Jun 2003

If the fault appeared within the last week or so, then perhaps an accident as happened some how. If you have household insurance, check this, as it may cover accidental claims for this sort of thing.But try Mesh via [email protected] to see if they can offer assistance. But as pops as suggested be a little cautious.

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