Richard Madeley 23:29 25 Jun 2003

or desperate 'frightner' tactics?

who cares...

click here

...that should please a few folks here and send others scurrying for the disconnect button...

Tonights your last chance to dance...

  Forum Editor 00:34 26 Jun 2003

anyone who has lost income as a result of copyright theft, but it certinly doesn't please me.

What's happening is that one of the players in the game (if you can call it that) has just raised the stakes, and I have no doubt that in America there will be some people who will wake up one morning soon to find they have a court appearance coming up.
What we all know however, is that this isn't going to solve the problem - or even begin to solve it. The file-sharing community will respond by modifying their procedures, and so the dance of death will go on.
The music industry has to find a way of addressing this issue that doesn't involve litigation. You can't run an industry in a law court, and the sooner the recording companies and musicians realise that fact the better for everyone.

  Richard Madeley 09:08 26 Jun 2003

Yes, they'll have to find a way of selling things that aren't cynical cash machines devoid of any artistic merit (Boy Bands, Girl Bands, Brass Bands etc).

They could give away recorded music free as a form of advertising. Artists would then have to earn their dosh in a way that wasn't piratable. Live Concerts may be recordable as bootlegs but there's no way you can copy the actual experience of being there.Merchandising of quality t-shirts, live Cd's only available at gigs etc.

Make albums that actually contain more than two good tracks. Make original Cd's more attractive with freebies that attract and reward the true fan (Bonus material, extensive notes, unlockable internet links to free bonus tracks etc).

Don't forget Mp3 is not a lossless format. What's the point of having good stereo equipment and playing Mp3's on it? You're not hearing your favorite artist's music in it's intended state, sound quality is lost. Record Companies: use Mp3 as a demo and make us buy the real thing if it makes itself, by it's artistic merit, worth buying.

  Jester2K II 09:21 26 Jun 2003

On the one hand yes, the recording industry must address the issue in a sensible way but on the other hand if you partake in an illegal act then you can expect to be prosecuted if caught. And why not?

If you break the law you take a risk! One day you get away with it but the next you might get caught! Is the Music Industry really expected to stand still until someone comes up with the means and money to counteract illegal copyright swapping on P2P?? No. Maybe the fines can be used to fund the means as well as compensate the artists who loose out.

  Jarvo 09:36 26 Jun 2003

When will the music industary wake up and develop artists not one hit wonders charge us a fare price for a cd (we all know how little they cost!!!). If a cd was about half the current cost I am sure more people would buy them and the music industary would make more money than they do now. Insted of spending millions trying to sue indervidual file swapers how about spending that money developing real artists and market resurch on how to get people to buy music again!

  Jester2K II 10:15 26 Jun 2003

"When will the music industry wake up and develop artists not one hit wonders"

When people stop buying them!! Face it Steps, Blazing Squad, Spice Girls are loved by millions of 12 year olds all over the world..

"charge us a fare price for a cd (we all know how little they cost!!!)"

I've seen many of these breakdowns before and the one thing they all have in common is producing a CD is NOT Cheap. Forget about your 10 CDRs for £3 for the market this is mass production for stamped CDs.

The two common factors that raise the price of a CD are the retailer costs and VAT. This accounts for a huge amount of the money spent on buying a CD. Why do you think its so much cheaper online? If it weren't for Music Supermarkets and VAT then a CD could cost £10-12 instead of nearly £20.

Record companies might have to front the money for 10-50 different bands before they get one that makes a profit. Some of that money has to go back to cover the failures. Recording studios and CD pressing plants don't come cheap either! Distribution and advertising is necessary but do you really need to buy it at the local record supermarket type shop for £18 when you can get it online for £10?

Also if your not buying the CD then your not putting money back into the industry. What do you expect to happen??

  darkjedimistress 14:42 26 Jun 2003

when they were trying to prevent people from copying music and computer games when the CD Writers became more common place? All that happens is that the file sharing community will find a way around it eventually and then it's back to square one. How about the record companies try and development some REAL music and people that can actually sing, play instruments and write their own music?

  Audeal 15:15 26 Jun 2003

Maybe a good idea is for the music industry to develop an official P2P program so you can chose your music downloads from an official site and which will then be activated after payment from your credit card is received. This, of course, must be cheap enough to persuade people to stay within the law. If so many people are using P2P software then I am sure that most will change to the official site so long as it is cheap enough.

  dontaskme 17:25 26 Jun 2003

""When will the music industry wake up and develop artists not one hit wonders"
When people stop buying them!! Face it Steps, Blazing Squad, Spice Girls are loved by millions of 12 year olds all over the world.."

I think that is the problem. People have stopped buying them and it's not because they can get it for free on the net, it's because it is crap.

How is downloading music different to copying it off the radio? That has been going on for years without affecting them.

  Jester2K II 18:52 26 Jun 2003

To be honest i don't think the problem is the single act of copying a song off the radio or copying a Cd for a mate. Its the distribution to hundreds or thousands.

In the old days of copying from the radio or copying a CD for a mate you might make a copy or two. And that is it! Evenn at the most extreme you might knockout 50 copies to flog in a market or car boot sale. Now you make a copy of a cd avalible of Kazzaa and 50 people might take copies from you. They in turn might have 50 people each take a copy from each of them. With one cd in a few hours there can be thousands of copies over the net with P2P but with "Home Taping" you could only knock out a copy or two in the same time. Its a completely different scale of operation.

"'s because it is crap." YOU might think they are crap, I might think they are crap but doesn't stop millions all over the world buying their CDs. I hate country and western - doesn't mean no-one buys it anymore! People hate your favourite music artisits - but they still sell millions of copies of their new album.

CD sales go up and down for a variety of reasons. One report says Economic Downturn, Another say Piracy and P2P is to blame and another says Music These Days is Rubbish, In My Day You Had Tunes You Could Hum Along To... etc Thats what happens with a market like Music. However if P2P Piracy affects sales or not - it doesn't ammter. There is one over-riding fact. Its ILLEGAL.... Do it and expect to get caught...

  Jester2K II 19:06 26 Jun 2003

Not meaning to start an arguement but surprised by the FEs comments!

Surely thats like saying "Well, fining speeding motorists doesn't really work so lets not bother"

Ok so it won't cure illegal P2P swapping overnight but neither did making murder illegal or any other crime.

However some people will be put off illegal P2P swapping because they might get caught.

Plus you have added factor that as you say "there will be some people who will wake up one morning soon to find they have a court appearance coming up" - well good. And so they should. Its illegal - do it and pay the price.

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