CPU options for Chillblast system

  mattjs360 21:03 14 Feb 2013

Hi all,

After years of using low end laptops I now want to get a beefy desktop system with a decent screen to try a bit of gaming along with the usual stuff like photo editing etc.

The Chillblast Fusion Firebird looks promising and has been at the top of the Gaming PC list for a few months now. When you go to the 'Customise or buy' screen on their website the default option gives the CPU at stock speed, not the overclocked system as tested by PC Advisor (which is a no cost option), is there any reason for this?

I'm not much of a tech-head and I'm looking for a no-fuss system, the 1200 cost is about my max budget, is there any reason NOT to select the overclocked CPU with no other upgrades?

Grateful for any advice, Cheers.

  nickf 22:44 14 Feb 2013

You could try this http://3xs.scan.co.uk/ConfigureSystem.asp?SystemID=1430 . You will notice its using an i5 , not the i7 , but it is liquid cooled , great for the overclocked machine . ( I use the corsair H100 liquid cooling )

  nickf 22:46 14 Feb 2013

Also , if you can wait a few months , it could be worth waiting for the new Haswell CPU`s to arrive .

  Rayuk 19:01 15 Feb 2013
  Rayuk 19:07 15 Feb 2013

Sorry misread your post,just go for the overclocked version.

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