The CPU that never got delivered

  Hento 19:50 26 Mar 2004

I ordered a new Asus M/board, Athlon 64 3000 CPU (retail), 512Mb DDR Ram, 450Watt PSU and new TFT from Scan Computers. I have brought from Scan before and have always been satisfied but up to now I have bought from them by visiting their premises near Bolton. This time I ordered via the internet and asked for the goods to be delivered - bad mistake.

The goods arrived on the promised date, delivered to my Wife`s place of work for convenience but when I opened the packaging later in the day the Athlon 64 3000 CPU was missing. To cut a long story short after much discussions with Scan and requests to search the bubble wrap because I may have missed the CPU box !!!! they say the CPU was in the packaging when it left their premises -so I am £160 out of pocket as no CPU found its way to me.

Anyone any similar experiences with Scan or any other On Line retailer and how did it get sorted ??

I have contacted the Credit Card Company already and will get them involved asap but any help much appreciated.

  Diodorus Siculus 20:08 26 Mar 2004

This happened to a guy a while back and it went on for a long time. I don't recall the outcome... but you will not find Scan easy to deal with.

  rickf 20:53 26 Mar 2004

I seem to remember its was jimv who was posting for his friend who bought a m/b with cpu but the cpu did not arrived. Although he is still on the forum, he did not provide the end outcome of the dealings with Scan which seemed pretty unsatisfactory with accusations all round. Would be good to know.

Yes, this exact same "circumstance" happened to a friend of Jimv7 and reading your thread is very "Deja vu".

To cut a long story short we brought an action in the county court and won.

I still have all the paperwork (somewhere) so if you need any help let me know. I have also pointed this thread out to Jimv7 for any comments he may have.

  Hento 21:40 26 Mar 2004

Smiffy 99. Thanks for your offer to dig out the paperwork on your county court action, would appreciate any help/advice.

  Diodorus Siculus 21:47 26 Mar 2004

Hento - look forward to being kept posted on this one! Good luck with it... with smiffy99 on your side, you won't go far wrong!

  rickf 21:50 26 Mar 2004

Wow! a really helpful community. Hope it works out mate. The moral of the story, never multi-order. When things go wrong its very difficult to sort out. I must say that after following jimv7's story closely at the time,it really put me off buying from Scan. Shattered my confidence you could say.

  Hento 21:53 26 Mar 2004

Smiffy 99 / rickf. Thanks for responses. Never thought about the multi-ordering but will order single items in future but probably not from Scan!!! Just posted on the Which On-Line web-site for some free legal advice. Will keep all posted.

  jimv7 22:24 26 Mar 2004

As FE had quite rightly, locked the original thread after some 164 postings, to prevent it becoming another coronation street, I posted the outcome on another thread.

The gist of it was, a friend having ordered from scan various components to build a computer, on examining the package after delivery the xp2000cpu was missing. After following scan's rules of engagement to the letter, first by email then phone calls and eventually letters to the md, which got us nowhere.

The usual excuses from scan, it was in the parcel/it was attached to the mobo/you must have thrown it out/our system does not allow us to make mistakes.

Enter 'St George' alias Smiffy99, who donated his time and expertise help in taking scan to court, we won, not only the cost of the cpu but compensation as well.

Take Smiffy99's help, you won't go far wrong.

  jimv7 22:35 26 Mar 2004

Keep a record of all emails, sent and recieved/phone calls and who you spoke to, plus the time/and copies of all letters.

  Hento 20:57 27 Mar 2004

Thanks to all for replies to my dilemma.
'St. George' AKA Smiffy99 and I will be talking to each other soon thanks to his kind offer to assist. Am progressing a few other avenues as well and will post progress report when available.

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