CPU messing around

  rupie 01:20 19 Feb 2006

I am in the hunt for a new laptop. My old one was a P4 2.4 When I went to shops and on line all the cpu speeds were different. I am happy to believe that the new mobile intels are rated at speed like 1.68 and 1.76mhz but some people say double speed to get pentium equivilent and others say add 1.0mhz. I am sure you all can help me by giving me conversion charts but when I was offered a 64 bit AMD running XP home it showed how much of a mess it is all now. Pentiums are now called 730,740,760 etc. How have we come to this mess and what can we do ?

  ade.h 16:04 19 Feb 2006

Anyone who says that it's multiplied by a factor of 2 must be bonkers! Otherwise, my 1.86ghz 740 would be quicker than my 3.2ghz 640 wouldn't it? And it isn't. It's certainly quick enough for the demands that I tend to place on it, but the benchmark that I ran on it recently showed it to be roughly in the 2.5-2.6ghz range. That's including the fact that laptop components are a wee bit slower than the current desktop stuff.

At the end of the day, it's as fast it needs to be for anything bar gaming - no loss there, then - and if you really want something that's as quick as most desktops, buy a Core Duo. Now, that IS quick....

  rupie 02:40 21 Feb 2006

I did not duel core exsisted; I assume it was the next step on from hyperthreading on the pentiums, as the 2 cores share 1 cashe. I found acer 1.66 duel core heaven knows how to compare this spec to current speeds. I had a duel processor pc once with 2 p350's running windows NT. It never worked from the day I had it. The company who made it had it back lots of times and said nothing was wrong, and them they went bust. That would have been an exciting subject to follow on here! I jhave heard the ACER laptops are good value for money.

  rupie 02:41 21 Feb 2006

I did have a copy of benchmarch software once, dunno where I got it but I have lost it Where can I get another copy from ???????

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