CPU from Ebay?

  zach_jdia 13:31 27 May 2006

I am about to start building a new PC with an s754 motherboard. OEM Athlon 64s on ebay seem to be very cheap. Is it worth paying the extra money to buy the part from a bona-fide vendor? I feel confident enough to go for an OEM part and already have a fan/heatsink.

  spuds 14:35 27 May 2006

When you buy from eBay, its a case of buyer beware. You could get a very good purchase, then again you could end up with a problem, especially on electronic/electrical goods. If the seller appears to be a trader, using ebay as an alternative selling device, then you will have some protection under consumer law.

Personally, I prefer to use places like Ebuyer or Novatech for computer parts, at least you know that you have a good foundation for later actions.

  Mr Mistoffelees 15:59 27 May 2006

I bought an AMD athlon XP 3200+, via eBay, in November 2003 and all was well, then resold it on eBay two years later. However you DO need to be extremely careful who you buy from.

  rmcqua 19:14 27 May 2006

I have bought lots of electronics bits and pieces, including CPUs, from EBay sellers and never had a problem. Just try to make sure that you buy from someone with a fair number of trades under their belt and who has a good feedback rating.

  zach_jdia 19:23 27 May 2006

Thanks for the feedback, I think that given my budget I'll take my chances with Ebay.

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