CPU City - WOW what service!

  [DELETED] 11:27 22 Oct 2003

nothing but good things to say about CPU City:

i ordered a mobo and 2x memory sticks as 2 seperate orders, expecting that i was going to pay for 2x deliveries - that's what the invoice (via email) said. i accepted this. but to my surprise, when i received the goods, it was in one shipment, and they cancelled one of the delivery charges... now how many companies would do that?

BUT WAIT!!! it gets even better...

the mobo proved faulty (a common fault claims the manufacturer) so i sent it back, asking to change for a different manufacturer's mobo. they said they'd have to receive it then test it then replace. i expected about a week if i'm lucky... i sent it to them on a tuesday afternoon, and received the replacement on that thursday morning!!! FANTASTIC!

and their prices anren't half bad either!!

anyone else had such great service and want to rave about that company?

cmon all, post good comments here too!!!

  [DELETED] 11:28 22 Oct 2003

you can find them if you click here

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