CPR Callblocker

  tigertop2 17:43 30 Dec 2013

After getting totally fed up with a seemingly endless stream of nuisance calls every day including the silent ones which I call 'heavy breathers' and the inevitable 'this is Microsoft and your PC has a problem I decided to do something about it.

'Telephone Preference Service' is a toothless useless solution which all the rogue callers ignore.

I wanted a simple solution that works.

I found it when I installed a small 3" x 2" box called a 'CPR Call Blocker'.

Provided your phone line is with BT and you have activated Caller ID ( free for a year if you set it up before end 2013), it is child's play to set it up

It comes loaded with 200 of the worst offenders and one tap on a button blocks any new one. Since installation over 10 days now we have only had one nuisance call which we tapped and blocked on the call logger. Sheer silent bliss and the best value for £40 I have spent in the last year. All 'friendly calls get through as before.

Needless to say I have no connection with the supplier except as a very satisfied customer

  Forum Editor 18:42 02 Jan 2014

The problem with these devices is that they cannot block 'number witheld' calls on an individual basis. They can be set to block all such calls, but that's not what you want; a friend might withold his or her number, and wouldn't therefore be able to get through to you at all.

Your sheer silent bliss might end up being more silent than you would like.

  onthelimit1 08:56 03 Jan 2014

I feel left out - my number has always been ex-directory and I've NEVER had one of these nuisance calls - not one!

  tigertop2 15:35 03 Jan 2014

FM, Fortunately amongst our many friends and acquaintances none has ever seen fit to withhold their number! I accept what you say but if it were to occur it is a small price to pay for the sheer peace and quiet.

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