Cover Disc: DVD Magic

  powerless 04:00 26 Jul 2003

Nice one there PCA...

Easiest thing in the world to use.

Converted "Back to the Future Parrt II" to VCD in 2 hours and burned in 5, it had to go on two discs.

  Stuartli 15:33 26 Jul 2003

Life's just too short....:-)

  powerless 15:37 26 Jul 2003

Well this saturday is dragging on and on.

  prima12 19:39 26 Jul 2003

What nobody bleating on about illegal copies and copyright, very disappointing knowing what some of the contributors think about THAT. Are they all on holiday, or not bothering to complain about it anymore?

  darwin-229378 20:22 26 Jul 2003

must have got fed up of the sound of their own voices nagging all the time. dont forget you must always follow rules that someone else has laid down.

  Sir Radfordin 22:30 26 Jul 2003

Why bother when there are people like you to do it :))

  james paul 23:42 26 Jul 2003

Don`t know if anyone out there can help me out,
tried to install dvd magic from the cover disc,
everything seemed o.k...until running the application from the short cut.The dvd page display came up(just as show on page 168 of sept2003`s mag),but I get an error saying..
"ASPI INITIALIZATION failed".Could anyone tell me where I went wrong(have uninstalled twice and tried re-installing,just gets the same error)
Help greatly appreciated.

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