Courier woes

  bremner 20:19 25 May 2004

When we blame online retailers for failing to deliver on time sometimes it is not there fault.

On Wednesday 19th May I ordered a monitor from Ebuyer and paid for the Priority Delivery. It was scheduled to be delivered on Friday 21st by City Link.

Friday evening came and no monitor, so I sent an e note to Ebuyer. Saturday morning at about 10am they replied saying due to an error the monitor had not been collected until Friday morning by City Link and it would now be delivered on Monday 24th. They refunded the Priority delivery payment.

Monday 4.30pm no trace of the monitor although a Media Card I had also ordered was delivered by City Link. Through the excellent tracking facility provided through the Ebuyer site / City link site I was able to see City Link had collected the package from Ebuyer at 2.39am on Friday 21st and showed expected delivery on 24th.

I rang City link to be told they had gone to put my monitor on the van at about 10am and it was missing, their security division was investigating. I rang Ebuyer and informed them, they had not been told by City Link whom they rang while I waited. On having the story confirmed they said they would immediately send another but it was probably too late to get it on Tuesday but I would get it Wednesday.

Got home today and thought I would check the tracking to confirm I would get the package on Wednesday. To my surprise City Link had collected it from Ebuyer at 5.34am today and it should have been delivered today.

Rang City Link to ask where the monitor was and guess what, they confirm they collected it from Ebuyer and have now lost it and the security division are dealing!!!!

ENote to Ebuyer and I await their response.

  spuds 21:18 25 May 2004

Bit like the time, when I purchased three items of woodworking machinery, and the machinery dealer despatched all the three items together. City Link delivered two,but were unsure as to the location of the third item.I contacted the dealer straight away, due to the urgent nature of the deal, and he despatched a replacement item.Next morning City Link arrived bright and early with two items, one the replacement and one the 'lost'item. The cause of the problem was due to a loader mixing the original loads, and the 'lost' item was sent to another destination area.The whole problem was sorted out overnight, when the 'lost' item was returned back to the local depot.

In a normal month, I usually have a number of City Link deliveries, and I would say that they are one of the better class couriers, with friendly obliging drivers.

  bremner 19:06 27 May 2004

Delivered at third attempt today - Ebuyer have been extremely good in a situation that was beyond their control.

  Edin Dundee 22:29 27 May 2004

I also had a 17" TFT monitor go 'missing' from ebuyer at Xmas.
Courier was City Link.
I cringe every time a supplier uses them as courier. I have no trust in them at all.
It took me several weeks and the intervention of my bank to get the refund from eBuyer, and they still didn't refund the courier charges.

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