Counterfeit software from an Amazon supplier

  billbo28 09:52 10 Apr 2013

In 2010 I received a Microsoft Office Professional DVD which was bought from Amazon and supplied by an intermediary. More recently after a computer clean-up and reload of Windows, it was discovered that the very official looking Office DVD may indeed have been counterfeit. Microsoft were sent an online report and later accepted that the DVD is a counterfeit copy. Amazon and their supplier have both been notified, but failed to respond. Perhaps we should all be very wary of Amazon purchases that don't come directly from them. Have other people experienced similar scams? Billbo28

  Al94 10:13 10 Apr 2013

Amazon is awash with fake items, almost as bad as ebay now.

  Phil Ocifer 10:25 10 Apr 2013

Yes, fake batteries from Amazon. Fake Nokia and Nintendo DS batteries which have no performance similarities to the originals.

I had a thread on this in January trying to find out where I could actually buy genuine batteries without success. Thread on Genuine Batteries

So, what do you do if you suspect a fake? Report the vendor? Ask for a refund? The prices are a dead giveaway - if Argos are selling originals on the high street for £30, what should I expect for £2.99? Not very much I would say.

I guess your Office DVD cost YOU more than 10% of the RRP?

  WhiteTruckMan 11:09 10 Apr 2013

Why am I detecting a hint of derision towards the OP?


  lotvic 11:38 10 Apr 2013

The actual DVD may or may not be counterfeit - doesn't really matter. It's the Product KEY that counts and the number of times it has been used according to it's EULA.

Perhaps the OP did not inactivate/unregister his Office prof key before he proceeded to reload Windows and install it again.

Also he has not said what version of Key he has for Office and the reason MS think it is 'counterfeit'

  Bing.alau 13:17 10 Apr 2013

Amazon are usually pretty good at righting wrongs. So suggest contacting them again.

  Forum Editor 20:57 10 Apr 2013

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  morddwyd 17:05 11 Apr 2013

Microsoft are normally very jealous of their intellectual property and if they believe that Amazon, or anyone else, is selling fake copies of their software they will sue.

  spuds 17:31 11 Apr 2013

Amazon have indicated in their terms and conditions that they investigate the sales of counterfeit goods, so perhaps go back to Amazon, and ask them why they have not responded to your email.

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