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  iscanut 21:02 26 Feb 2008

I have sung their praise in the past and reccommended them. However, I am now not so sure, having experienced their "after sales service". My new system has failed to boot up so I phoned them at 5pm yesterday. Person I spoke to could not help, but he promised someone would phone me back. They never did so I phoned again this morning. Took ages to answer the phone then the person I spoke to could not help and suggested I phoned again in a couple of hours to speak with Mario, who might be able to help. I did not acceot this and asked to speak to someone now. Was phoned back half an hour later. Dealt with a patient person who talked through my problem, but as the advise given failed to remedy the problem, he said someone would phone ne back after 3pm. No one has phoned me back yet again so I will have to phone them AGAIN tomorrow. All very frustrating.Not very impressed at all with this so far.

  GaT7 21:15 26 Feb 2008

Something may have gotten loose in transit. Could be a minor that may be easily remedied.

What exactly do you mean by 'system has failed to boot up'?

Is the power supply switching on at all? Is the CPU fan running? Is it hanging at any point during boot?

Disconnect main power cable, then open the case & have a look that ALL internal cables are secure/well-connected to the components, & that everything (graphics card, RAM, etc) is slotted in well.

  Kaacee 21:30 26 Feb 2008

Irrespective of whether anything has come loose in transit, the service Nuts has or in this case hasn't received does not reflect well on Cougar.

I must admit i am surprised because when have contacted them in the past, their response has been first class.

Perhaps it was just an off day.... lets hope so.

  Fennik 22:23 26 Feb 2008

I have just recently purchased a system from Cougar extreme and awaiting deivery. I will let you guys know how I get on but I hope it does not turn out similar to the above! I hear they are normally quite good so I hope to give a good report too.

  iscanut 09:51 27 Feb 2008

My system is a month old and has been running fine til now. All of a sudden it will not boot up. There is no connection to the monitor and I do not see the usual post check bios text before Windows loads up. The PSU fan used to make a loud whirr for a couple of seconds, then calm down and the system would fire up. All I get now is the loud PSU fan and no other activity. All leads, cables etc inside seem ok. The memory has been swapped around and all devices disconnected. I did talk through all this with someone from Cougar but their promise of a call later in the day did not materialise, and I am still sat here with a system that does not work and with no idea as to what I do next. Will be phoning them yet again this morning.

  iscanut 11:13 27 Feb 2008

Phoned Cougar and spoke with Mario. He apologised for breakdown in communications and we talked through other possible scenarios. BIOS reset did not work so culprit probably faulty PSU. They have arranged collection of machine today and will turn around asap. I spite of the hiccup, this is good service in the end so don't be put off using Cougar.

  Kaacee 14:48 27 Feb 2008

That sounds more like the Cougar service i know, well done Nuts for acknowledging good service even after slight blip.

  GaT7 18:42 27 Feb 2008

"My system is a month old and has been running fine til now." - wish you'd mentioned that the 1st time!

Anyway, glad it's going to sorted. All the best. G

  iscanut 19:39 27 Feb 2008

The point of the thread was re customer service, not the specific problem so did not seem relevant. Anyway, thanks for your input.

  iscanut 13:32 28 Feb 2008

System was returned to Cougar yesterday, phone call this morning to say problem rectified and system will be back with me tomorrow. How's that for prompt service?

  GaT7 17:54 28 Feb 2008

"The point of the thread was re customer service, not the specific problem so did not seem relevant." - point taken, but your initial post implied it was a newly-arrived PC that wasn't booting up - "My new system has failed to boot up..."

You see, I've come across problems like this in the past, where components had come loose in transit, or something very minor - & the retailer was rather hastily judged & bemoaned on forums for lack of service.

Bit of an extreme case, if I may.....some years ago I worked for a computer company where we sent someone out to look at a non-booting system - the (toughish) journey one way lasted 1-2 hours (not in this country). Prior to this all help/advice was given to resolve it over the phone. When the service engineer arrived, he found to his dismay (& a lot of other things I imagine) that they hadn't plugged it in!! Not that I have to mention it....we never heard the end of it from the said service engineer for a long time! G

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