Cougar Extreme- new pc

  Fitzy69 21:54 20 May 2009

I have built a few pc's myself, but after talking to my brother decided to buy one from Cougar Extreme. got to say great company, rang my up 3 times during the build to keep me informed. case out of stock, did i want a different one, And a few other things.

Pc came very well built, all wire's tidy inside. i would highly recommend them to anybody.

  citadel 22:56 20 May 2009

starting to smell like spam.

  Fitzy69 23:09 20 May 2009

not spam mate. after reading the reviews on here i thought i would post my review of the company.

  tillybaby 07:55 21 May 2009

Whenever someone makes a complaint about a company then lots of people are quick to agree but as soon as someone compliments a company it's 'spam'?

This is called Consumerwatch and I for one like to read both good and bad reviews when making a choice where to purchase a new computer from.

  daveeb 10:55 21 May 2009

I agree completely with Fitzy69. Unfortunately I can think of far more companies that I can say negative things about than positive, but in the case of Cougar it's praise where praise is due.

  The Kestrel 11:00 21 May 2009

Have to agree with tillybaby. Of course it is good to know which companies produce poor products and/or offer poor service. It is equally important to know which companies produce good quality goods and give good service when looking to buy a new PC. I did this nearly two years ago when I bought my PC from cougar and have never regretted the decision I made based on reviews and comments made on Consumerwatch forum.

  Kaacee 11:54 21 May 2009

Cougar are a good company and deserve the accolades that people on here, including myself, give them. Nothing to do with spam, just satisfied customers giving the benefit of their experience to others who may be contemplating buying a pc.

  Fitzy69 17:28 21 May 2009

well with the sevice i have been given. i would recomend them anybody.i thought at first stop ringing me at work lol. but it was only to speed things up with the build

  nufc2009 21:50 21 May 2009

I used cougar last year, i thought they were good, until after a month or so and my hardware started nacking up (nothing changed or anything).

it was there poor service that actually got me into custom building, so thats 1+ for cougar

  crazyc1 14:13 22 May 2009

I am glad the opening poster was kept informed, as that was one of my issues in my slightly more ambivalent thread about my experiences.

I would probably still buy from them again, but the three or four issues didn't bode well for attention to detail.

The hardware seems good value tho, and the service was good apart from the problems if that makes any sense.

  ICF 18:54 22 May 2009


It's not spam because I'm his bro & I told him about the good reviews Cougar Extreme got on here.

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