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  TGard 16:00 19 May 2010

Hi there all, I am currently looking at buying a new pre-built PC and I've read a lot of good things about Cougar and they seem to have the range of parts I am interested in. My only concern is that I wanted my PC housed in an Antecx 1200 case and Cougar don't seem to offer any Antec cases at all. Does anyone have any experience of asking Cougar to use parts which are not listed on their website as available options and were they happy to accommodate your request? If so then how did you go about asking for non standard parts? Thanks for any advice people can give on this

  retep888 16:10 19 May 2010

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I haven't personally used them before but I'm sure they can help you out on that.

  TGard 16:14 19 May 2010

I've tried phoning and I left my number and was told that someone from their sales team would call be back but so far nothing. I've also e-mailed them and not had a response yet so I thought I'd see if anyone here had any helpful experiences :)

  Woolwell 17:58 19 May 2010

I bought from them over a year ago and found their sales line good and quickly answered. However the first system they supplied did not completely match up to the specs I had ordered as they substituted parts without notifying me and had problems. I gather from other threads that I am not alone in this. They supplied a replacement system without quibble and quickly. Generally I was pleased with the contact, price and supply. Out of warranty the motherboard failed but this happens.

  citadel 18:06 19 May 2010

you can build your own, its easy nowadays, you get everything exactly how you want it.

  birdface 18:20 19 May 2010

You have phoned them and e-mailed them and no reply.
You have to ask yourself what kind of response might you get if you actually buy one and something goes wrong with it.

  Marko797 21:23 19 May 2010

I tried to buy a new desktop from CE, based solely on the good reviews on here. I found the chap on the phone quite abrupt (could have been having a bad day I guess), and they didn't respond to my email enquiries either when I was juggling processor specs and asking for comparative quotes. I went elsewhere.

  daveeb 13:23 20 May 2010

I think they used to offer the option of nominating a different case although i can't comment on their current policy. I would ring them and ask, i've generally found them helpful, if a little abrupt sometimes as mentioned. i guess they do get very busy and keeping up the levels of service they seem to manage must cause some stress. I'd also agree with the comment regarding substituting parts without consultation, they did it to me with the motherboard, it's one aspect of their service that they really need to take a look at. Overall though i'd recomend them, so i'd say give them a ring.

  TGard 16:09 20 May 2010

It's quite disappointing. I was really really interested in Cougar because I've read a lot of good things but they still haven't gotten back to me either by replying to my e-mail or acting on the telephone message I left with the man who answered the phone. I understand that they're probably busy but it really puts me off when a company doesn't have the courtesy to respond to a fairly simple query.

Does anyone have any suggestions of other good websites for per-built PCs? (Talking high spec gaming rigs here. Budget is a little over £1500)

Building it myself is not an option so please bear that in mind :)

  birdface 16:55 20 May 2010

Supposed to be one of the best.

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  birdface 16:58 20 May 2010

Funny that will not open for me. Anyhow Novatech is what you want.

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