Cougar computers - my experience.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:14 19 Jan 2008

As promised here is the full story.

I needed to order a computer for a friend's son who is 12 and is into Plasticine animation using cinema4D. This is a bit out of my range so I needed some advice and decided to order from Cougar-Extreme as they seemed to have good write ups.

I ordered the computer on saturday the 5th of January and phoned to check some details. The phone was answered quickly and I spoke to 'John' who advised me of some changes that would be better for the intended use. He certainly knew his stuff. I was then advised that the computer would take 5-10 working days.

As I had been spending on a trip all over the UK on my card, I got a phone call from Halifax, on the Monday evening, that they suspected that my card had been cloned (well done chaps!). I reassured them that all the purchases were kosher and by yours truly. On Tuesday John phoned my mobile to say that there was a problem with the card but I assured him that it was Halifax just being cautious and that all the payments would go through. He phoned back to confirm that all was OK.

On the following Tuesday John phoned again to say that the computer was nearly ready and would I accept an upgraded scanner/printer and speakers to the ones that I ordered at no extra cost (does the Pope sleep in a single bed?) ;-) he also mentioned that the case that I ordered was not in stock but suggested a case that did look better.

John phoned again on Thursday to say that the computer had been despatched by Amtrak. As I was not in on the Friday I expected Amtrak to leave a note but the driver phoned me on my mobile and I told him that I was near to their Gloucester depot. He said that he would get the 3 parcels back there and put them to one side so that I could collect them that evening after 1700. True to his word they were there at 1730.

Set up the computer today and John had even put AVG and Adaware on the computer. Everything worked straight from the box apart from me being a bit of a wally and connecting the speakers to the wrong hole :-((. The build aulity and attention to detail is superb, the computer worked at the speed that John said and Cinema 4D rattles along like a good'un.

Overall the experince of Cougar was excellent. The guys there do more than enough to keep you informed and John even offered to install the Epson multi-function printer although I declined this as I needed something to do.

The only fault was that it was raining on Friday but I suppose that even John could not influence that....although.........

Cougar seem to take customer service to another level. Would I buy from them again....yup, they are the mutt's dangly bits!.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:17 19 Jan 2008

for those that are interested, the spec was as follows............Home Office Intel Core 2 Duo (Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 2.66 GHz 4Mb Cache, 2GB Kingston DDR2 667 - 2 x 1GB, 300GB SATA Hard Drive, , X-Discovery Silver, Atrix 650Watt Transparent + Blue LED, 512Mb Nvidia 8500GT graphics card DX10, QC - Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R - 1333fsb, DDR1333x4 non intergrated, 2 x Pioneer DVD +/- Re-writer 112D, No Floppy Disk Drive, Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme sound card, Trust SP-3800D Speakers, Epson DX5050 All-In-One Printer, Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Inc SP2, , 13 Month Warranty, Free Carriage)


  tillybaby 19:25 19 Jan 2008

It's lovely to hear excellent reports from computer retailers because there are so many that really couldn't care less once they've got our money as I know only too well,

Fortunately I too went to Cougar the week before Christmas and as I've already stated on here the experience was a pleasure, I really can't praise these people enough for their customer care and the build of their computers is second to none.

  iscanut 19:48 19 Jan 2008

My Cougar system is due for delivery next Friday. Will let you all know of my findings in due course. Hope I am impressed as Gandalf

  lisa02 21:31 19 Jan 2008

I may be looking for another system shortly and they'll be in the short list. The company I bought my last ones from has dropped of said list! Actually I've bought computers from 3 vendors and I wouldn't go back to any of them. :(

  daveeb 21:01 21 Jan 2008

Gandalf could i jump into your thread to ask what cougar supplied in the way of XP OS backup ie recovery disc, full OS disc, both or neither ?


  shellship 21:50 21 Jan 2008

Hate to throw a bit of possibly bad news on the great stories about Cougar. Mine is great but.........I forgot to order wireless LAN facility and so installed a Belkin wireless card. Connection got dropped regularly so swapped card with old computer - no problem so not card based. Cougar wondered if it was software conflict so cut most things out of start up. Still no go. Cougar said tech guy would phone me but nowt. So my lovely new toy is now in local computer expert's place to try and find out what is wrong - which will cost me.

  MAJ 22:51 21 Jan 2008

Probably should have tried a USB wireless adapter, instead of the internal wireless card, shellship.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:34 22 Jan 2008

Full MS XP disc.


  shellship 11:14 22 Jan 2008

Why should USB adapter be better than wireless card, please. My old machine had and still has a card and works fine.

  daveeb 13:39 22 Jan 2008

Thanks Gandalf...that's what i hoped it would be !

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