Cougar Are Pretty Bad Too

  chrisjshaw 06:08 29 Oct 2008

It’s hard finding somebody good to build you a PC isn’t it. I used Cougar a couple of months ago after reading many more good things than bad here, so just wanted to share the short version of my tale of woe:

First up, the delivery tracker does not work. I had paid for Saturday delivery, checked the tracker on the first Saturday it might arrive and it said system NOT despatched. Out I went for the day and was surprised to come home and find a kind neighbour had retrieved the delivery for me. Irritating.

Then I discovered the system was supplied with the wrong MoBo! I deliberately ordered a good MoBo with no graphics so I could put my own card in. Cougar decided, without reference to me, that I must be mistaken and sent me a PC with integrated GPU. Somebody at Cougar had tried hard to select a half decent board to substitute; shame they didn’t give me a call to check. Multiple prods were required to get them to come and collect the unit, but they made it eventually.

When the PC came back, spent a couple of hours installing software then started getting hangs and BSODs. **** I said, and spent some hours trying to find the wayward software, with no success. As it went dark, noticed that the front case fan, which I thought had given a blue glow on the first delivery, was completely dark. Investigation showed that not a single case fan (out of three) was connected; the silly beeps had replaced my MoBo but not quite finished the job, so it was all getting very hot inside.

Since then I have made many calls and sent several emails to Cougar to ask for some resolution. I first asked for an extension to my warranty to protect against vital components having shorter life as a result of being cooked, but that was refused. I wanted some case fan leads because those supplied were actually too short to connect to the MoBo and was told they don’t stock those – perhaps if they did the PC would have been built correctly. I have now bought some fan leads myself and have stopped expecting anything more.

Some of the folks at Cougar do seem to care and do have some brain cells but, at least in my case, this was not translated into actually resolving a customer complaint.

In summary, my consumer test of a company is that they are willing and able to put things right in reasonable time when they mess up; Cougar failed this test, so I will not be troubling them with my money again.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:28 29 Oct 2008

Strange that this is completely the opposite experience of myself and many other users.


  Mike D 08:52 29 Oct 2008

Certainly not my experience of Cougar either. Always been very responsive to any contact I have had to make with them.

  I am Spartacus 10:31 29 Oct 2008

Very strange that not a single case fan would have a cable long enough to connect to the motherboard, not even the exhaust fan which would be right next to the motherboard. That's extremely unlucky.

  spuds 10:41 29 Oct 2008

A neighbour of mine purchased a Cougar system about six months ago, from a recommendation via the PCA forum. Received the goods as promised, had a slight problem which was easily rectified, and the computer as been working fine since.

Did you check to see if the computer had been 'bench tested', because it sounds as though you have a high powered gaming machine?.

  tillybaby 13:47 29 Oct 2008

This hasn't been my experience from Cougar either. Last Christmas I purchased a high powered gaming machine from them and something had happened with the fan which I might add wasn't any fault of the workmanship, of course I didn't know what had happened when I rang them, immediately they sent out a courier to pick up the computer and it was returned on the day they said it would be, fully functional and to date has worked perfectly ever since.

  Kaacee 15:41 29 Oct 2008

As the guys above, I have had my PC which I purchased from Cougar in September 2007 and experienced a very minor ailment with it, phoned them up and they despatched a new power lead within 2 days (free)and it has worked a dream ever since, so I am really surprised to hear your tale of woe.

  iscanut 15:46 29 Oct 2008

I have had a Cougar system since Jan 07. I was not lucky to start with, having had a faulty NVidia graphics GT card and then 2 separate incidents of faulty Ram modules but all problems were dealt with very quickly and at no expense to me. Since then, system has bee fine.

Last year I spent many weeks choosing a company to build my system. I finally decided on Cougar Extreme (nearly chose PC Option....Phew!).
I have had my PC nearly a year now, and have had to return it once (when I first received it there was transit damage), I have also had two hard drives, and a graphics card fail.
Would I buy from them again? With out a doubt!
They may be a little rough around the edges (possibly due to work-load?), but each problem has been handled quickly and politely.
Great customer service counts for an awful lot in my book.


  chrisjshaw 05:19 30 Oct 2008

Thanks for all your comments; you have reiterated the reasons I chose Cougar in the first place.

On a more positive note, Cougar did contact me again yesterday to aplogise. I have accepted a modest refund in recognition of both the parts I had to buy and my trouble. I don't think many PC builders would behave so well.

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