Cost of photo printing?

  SB23 17:07 30 Dec 2010

I'm at a complete loss as to what to do with my photo printing.
I've been using a dedicated photo printer up till now as I honestly believed that I was saving myself lots of £'s. But last night my wife asked how were we going to print our Xmas pics, before I back them up to my external hd. When I asked what she meant, I was told that the cartridges that we've been using now cost £26, and that we only get approx 50 prints from that,(approx 52p each), I thought surely it shouldn't be that pricey, or is it?

To give me an idea, what do other forum users do, print your own, and on what machine, go elsewhere, and what price is the average?



  spuds 18:01 30 Dec 2010

I found the cheapest way was using compatibles on Epson printers.

Our local Post Office have a 'print your own photos' machine, but thats far to expensive. Aldi seem to send out mail-shots of low cost printing. Also our local Asda seem to do a very good trade in the photo printing section. Might pay to check them out?.

  Monoux 08:06 31 Dec 2010

Try getting them printed by sending them away on line. I've used click here many times without problems ( They are aligned to 7dayshop). and work out much cheaper than using your own paper & ink

  likkerr 10:18 31 Dec 2010

I have found that Snapfish is the best and cheapest way for me to develop photos. I probably get up to 1000 each year done and if you prepay the 6x4's only work out at 5p a print. The quality i very good and they arrive within about 5 days of ordering.

I have been using them for several years and not had a problem.

  spuds 10:28 31 Dec 2010

I think what we must consider, is that a number of the mail order business's are perhaps the same company using different names to attract further business, at possible different discount or promotional prices and offers.

Many years ago I used BonusPrint on a very regular basis, which was one of the forerunners of mail order printing. It was only after a consumer report, that it become known how some companies can be one of the same.

  jack O'lantern 10:38 31 Dec 2010

via commercial outlets.
Either mail order or through one of the dedicated machines in Super stores, Boots ,Jessops and the like.
All with the added advantage of being photographic images as opposed to ink jet prints so in theory at least more durable, and cheaper than home printing by a large margin.
It would not surprise me to learn that as Spuds suggested many of the outlets are in fact agents for a large company some place.
I have used Photobox' in the past for large A3 prints- and what astounded me was the fact that after i had uploaded them I realized that I had not disabled 'Shrink Pic so I was not expecting any thing of quality back.
But infact the results were absolutely first class.'

  finerty 10:57 31 Dec 2010

the cost is going up and up

  SB23 11:23 31 Dec 2010

Thanks so far for the replies, a few good ideas, I'll have to check to see where my local Asda's is locacated as spuds suggested them for printing, the others I've heard of, but until now, had not thought of.

  likkerr 12:35 31 Dec 2010

I regularly used ASDA several yeats ago but found that there was no choice of matt or gloss - only matt and that the pictures came out darker then I wanted them. It was only when I went elsewhere I realised how much better my pictures could look.

  john bunyan 13:24 31 Dec 2010

I import my snapshot type pictures into my PC, edit (crop, remove red eye etc) then load them back on to a SD card. I use ASDA too, but only for snaps as opposed to more serious stuff. To save time there as their machines are busy, if I want, say, 3 copies of some, 2 of others, I actually put duplicates on the card so at ASDA it is easy to tell the machine to do one of each - otherwise you have to shuffle through to make extra copies. For bigger than 5" x 7" I print my own.Interesting to hear of jack O'lantern's experience with Photobox - will give them a try.

  SB23 19:48 31 Dec 2010

Do those card readers work both ways then, by that I mean load to the pc, then load edited photos back to the card, and then get printed?

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