cost of glasses

  sunnystaines 12:10 22 Feb 2010

had the yearly eye test, need both reading and distance upgraded.

the shop quoted £230 for varifocl lenses.

had a look on the net and glasses direct qoute £90

a big variation has anyone bought varifocals over the internet or can recommend any

  jakimo 13:27 22 Feb 2010

My varifocals (plastic lens) were £236 so I too was tempted to buy from the net,but decided to stay with local optician for after sales,like fitting and later adjustments..The personnel touch can sometimes outweigh the savings to be made on the Internet.

  ^wave^ 13:35 22 Feb 2010

yes my varifocals cost about the same but i do look for a deal ie buy one get one so i have a pair sunglasses to. have you tried tesco specsavers they all do good deals

  ray7 13:35 22 Feb 2010

I use a local Optical Workshop, who carries out work for retail opticians and is happy to carry out the same work direct with the retail customer. Approx savings is usually approx 50%. Check yellow pages and ask. You may be surprised.

  sunnystaines 13:42 22 Feb 2010

still cannot understand why such a large markup in the high street specs4less have quoted £69 to fit both lens if I post one of my frames in plus £2 pp. got to wait in for the gas engineer at the moment by will trawl the hight st tomorrow i would prefer to by local but with @£150 mark up its hard to justify.

  Pine Man 14:18 22 Feb 2010

Don't forget that there are different grades of varifocal lenses something to do with 'corridors' and other 'scientific' stuff to do with 'transition' from one part of the lens to another, which makes a significant difference to the price. So make sure you are actually comparing like with like.

  jack 14:52 22 Feb 2010

Opticians have huge overheads.
Consider the trained staff, record keeping, stock,
premises costs.
Now they could sell frames at cost- £2-5
Blank lens for approx £20
The then could charge a consultation Fee,
Then charge workshop fees.
But they don't, in the main the charges are incorporated in the product cost plus extras like tints.

  BT 17:32 22 Feb 2010

I got mine from Specsavers and paid £170.
That's for Sprung sided frames, Varifocal Reactolite lenses with anti reflection coating. The lenses are the middle of the three options they offer. With the 30% off for over 60's on weekdays.

While there are many cheaper options online, the main difficulty is with fitting amd measurement for Varifocals, although some do offer them, which usually involves them sending you a frame which you then take a picture of yourself wearing and from this they say they can get the measurements required.

  ^wave^ 17:34 22 Feb 2010

if you have never worn varifocals before they can take a little time to get used to

  BT 18:00 22 Feb 2010

I agree, but its worth it in the end. The slight tilting of the head to access the correct part of the lens becomes second nature.

  sunnystaines 18:49 22 Feb 2010

I have been phoning a few of the internet sites all so far have a hidden costs, either charging high price to fit the lenses or high price for new frames.

as a result specsavers have a pair for £79
click here would this option be ok plus frame for £25, even wanted £25 to fit lenes into existing frames.

always had by glasses paid for now retired finding out just how expensive it is.

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