Cost of filters and cables

  Wilham 18:45 02 Oct 2003

Are we ripped off by the high price of accessories? Some months ago I didn't buy the usb lead offered with my new printer, instead I saved by getting one from Screwfix with other things I ordered.
Now I'm needing a DSL filter for an extra 'phone.
Screwfix want £5-99 (+£5-95 del.); and Ebuyer 99p, Easyetrader £3-50, these two also plus delivery. Tiscali price is over £10.
RJ45 cable prices also vary enormously, even allowing for optional shielding/attenuation quality.
Can anyone suggest a supplier of small items that inc. delivery offers attractive prices?

  bfc_tangerine 12:42 04 Oct 2003

no delivery available i'm afraid but computer fairs tend to be cheapest for cables, filters etc. i've bought dvd rom - tv cable set for £8 (£25 plus in pcw) and filters are about £2.50 each.

  rickf 13:29 04 Oct 2003

go with tangerine. compfairs cheapest.

  Wilham 14:06 04 Oct 2003

Agree entirely with Rally/Fair if one's coming up when needed. Elvaston Castle in early June was my favorite. Future of that is in doubt. 7dayshop now seems to be finished with cables but has low delivery cost (and long wait).

  Wilham 16:42 04 Oct 2003

One of my sons (He's 28) is home and has asked me why I need to buy another DSL filter. I'm not sure so I'll close this thread and I will ask on the helpline later,- when I've completely baffled myself with science.
Thanks bfc_t and rickf.

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