Cost of CR20XX Batteries

  Wilham 13:55 27 Aug 2006

The motherboard CMOS battery is usually a CR2032. It is one of a family of coin-shaped lithium cells, CRYYXX, where (my guess) YY is the diameter in mm and XX is the thickness in tenths of mm. All nominally 3v, and thicker gives higher capacity.

The usefulness of a 10-year shelflife has wide applications; in my home there is now CR20XX in my camcorder (NV-DX100), central heating controller (Siemens), several calculators,... and more.

The replacement cost varies enormously. There is a CR2016 in each of the two key remotes for my car. My last garage invoice shows the parts cost of each to be (RRP) £2-61, less 10% =£2-35 plus 17.5% vat; so I paid £2-76 each. My usual source for Canon compat carts sells CR2016 at 30p.
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I bought a supply of CR2032's with my last cart order, now I see not listed,... not surprisingly. Before that I had oddments from Screwfix (ca £1 each), -only with other items to justify postage. I think Maplin's about the same price.

I didn't complain to my garage about the excessive mark-up because (i) The labour I pay for anyway. (ii) To swap my car key's CR2016 it must be done within 20 seconds, - which is limit for backup capacitor to retain data... slip up and I would pay for re-progamming. (iii) Key remote failure between services is entirely garage responsibilty. (iv) Garage bill over £400, so it's sensible to keep back quibble for bigger things.

I would like to see other links for cheap CRYYXX 's.

  jack 14:41 27 Aug 2006

Panasonic CR2032 - !.50 ish for two - Boots or WH Smith

  Wilham 15:06 27 Aug 2006

jack: Yes, cheaper than having order/delivery cost. Thanks.

  Stuartli 15:17 27 Aug 2006

My best mate sells them, along with a range of top brand watch batteries, in his audio/visual/appliances outlet at about £1 each.

Local watch shops charge approximately £3 upwards and about as much again to fit them..:-)

  Wilham 15:51 27 Aug 2006

Stuartli: Thanks, local jeweller is the same. Has to wait around for you to come in.

Can I ask you the link you recently gave in a thread about compatible carts? The site almost mirrored the UKDVDR one I've given above and I'm curious.

  Stuartli 16:26 27 Aug 2006

No problem. It's click here

  oresome 16:47 27 Aug 2006

I purchased a new central heating controller recently and was a little miffed to find that the back-up battery wasn't user replaceable.

You're expected to purchase a new controller when the battery expires!

No doubt it has a life of several years, but the old controller was twenty years old when it was replaced for aesthetic reasons.

  Wilham 18:07 27 Aug 2006

Stuartli: Great, what I wanted. Thanks.

oresome: My Siemens CH controller battery lasts about 2 years. I feel that would be longer if the CH were mains connected all year,... it is off most of summer.

  spuds 18:11 27 Aug 2006

Mentioning the round type lithium batteries, I visited one of those £pound shop's recently, and they were selling a good selection of about 15/20 lithium batteries on a card for guess what, a £1.00.

  Stuartli 18:58 27 Aug 2006

Our local B and M discount store sells a large retail pack of the smaller watch type batteries in various popular sizes for 99p.

There are 10 different sizes (four batteries of each type).

Each battery used lasts for at least a year in whatever battery powered watch it used - remarkable value for money.

  oresome 19:42 27 Aug 2006

I buy these watch battery packs and usually use 4 out of 40, but it still works out cheaper than buying them individually.

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