Correct Link to XP SP 2 please

  Cara2 17:12 30 Nov 2008

Am trying to download Windows SP2, but struggling.

My O/S (not this computer) is Microsoft XP, Home Edition, version 2002.

I started off with SP1, with the message "unexpected programme ..." or something like that.

Having chatted with Microsoft online chat, I am told I need SP2 - but cannot find the link for my version O/S, although it supports other similar versions.

Can anyone give me the correct link? Thanks.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:28 30 Nov 2008
  Cara2 17:31 30 Nov 2008

Well done, and thank you.

Will give it a go now.


  Cara2 18:44 30 Nov 2008

All done, thanks,


  Clapton is God 14:23 01 Dec 2008

And now that you've got SP2, don't forget SP3.

  tullie 15:52 01 Dec 2008

Try this,saves others doing your searches.
click here

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