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Core i7 920 or Phenom II X6 1090T

  MrNewName 17:28 27 Jun 2010

I'm looking at a new PC for graphics / photo / video work.

Can anyone say if the i7 bundle click here is worth the premium over the AMD which is click here ?

The first of the these will also need a graphics card added to it; the latter has on-board graphics. The intel option does however have another 2GB RAM.

Thanks for any suggestions.

  MrNewName 11:25 29 Jun 2010

Thanks citadel; that's helpful.

I've been searching for comparisons between the two and just don't get anywhere - some say the i7 is better for graphics, others that the 1090t is the better option. I'm not likely to overclock.

Any pointers to something definitive would be very helpful! Cheers.

  Proclaimer 16:45 29 Jun 2010

click here
Select a Program from the list and see how different CPU's performed

  chub_tor 17:26 29 Jun 2010

For comparing processors click here is a good site

  MrNewName 18:26 29 Jun 2010

Thanks guys - two good options there.

  MrNewName 18:21 30 Jun 2010

click here

Tom's Hardware - Benchmark 3DMark Vantage 1.0.2 CPU

Can anyone confirm what I believe to be the case, ie that there is little real world difference in these processors. I'm not into gaming so that doesn't make any difference.


  MrNewName 21:06 06 Jul 2010

Thanks AL47; I'll take a look at this and a few other options but will likely put off the purchase until October.

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