Convert jpegs to multipage Tiff

  joebloggs1 20:53 03 Apr 2005

Anyone know of a good program to convert jpegs from a digital camera to multipage Tiff format, so they can be imported into a Document Imaging system?? Can import the jpegs but a 'page one of x' single file would be so much simpler.

  pauldonovan 09:54 04 Apr 2005

...from some kind of batch program or interactively?

I'm not 100% sure on difference between TIFF and Multi Page tiff but lots of paint programs will save TIFF files which might well be recognised?

Have you tried Irfanview? I just downloaded it and converted a jpeg to a .tiff and it loaded up fine and just looked like a single page tiff....give it a go.

  pj123 14:15 04 Apr 2005

Irfanview from: click here

  SEASHANTY 16:22 04 Apr 2005

....also do not forget that every time you convert or resize a jpeg image you lose quality (i.e. the jpeg files are not lossless)

  pauldonovan 16:41 04 Apr 2005

I know the jpeg's aren't lossless, but that surely applies to converting TO jpeg.

If you have a jpeg of quality 'x' and convert it to some other format through a conversion which is not lossy (i.e. I believe TIFF may not be lossy) then why should it lose quality?

  SEASHANTY 20:41 04 Apr 2005
  SEASHANTY 20:59 04 Apr 2005

and another on RAW, JPEG and TIFF
click here

  pauldonovan 10:37 05 Apr 2005

...thanks - I know about RAW, TIFF and Jpeg. All i'm saying is - you are thinking (I think) RAW -> JPEG = Lossy.....

That's true.

But once you have a jpeg at whatever quality...I don't see why it should lose quality being converted to TIFF.

See this:

click here

You are thinking about the method of original capture, as in photography.

  SEASHANTY 11:29 05 Apr 2005

Thanks for that link. Makes things a little clearer but I note that the three headings refer to JPEG2000
which is the newer sytle. I have my Photo album on the PC in TIF format (which is non lossy) and would like to view these on DVD player as I have given copies to relatives who cannot play them except on PC. The DVD players we have will only show JPEG so I will have to convert and this will lose quality. Maybe put on a DVD tho later. Picasa shows excellent reproduction of these photos in TIF format though I have noted a fall off in quality if I show them using Irfanview.

  pauldonovan 12:24 05 Apr 2005

No - the 3 headings are sponsored links in Google groups - nothing to do with the post - I was referring to the content of the post.

TIFF -> Jpeg will be a quality drop however, if you pick maximum quality for your conversion particularly on a TV or say at 800x600 resolution I doubt you will even notice.

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