Control two PC's with one mouse/keyboard/monitor.

  Newuser3998 15:14 04 May 2003

Not the easy question you may think when you look at the title, I know the switches are available to do this......I use them at work.
However, my requirement has a slight twist.

What I want if it exists is a cordless splitter. I want to build a wireless network, but the flexibilty this gives me in regard to PC location is lost somewhat if I have to link them via a "wired" splitter to keyboard mouse and monitor.

Does anybody know of a device that would serve my purpose?

Any help greatly appreciated.


Try posting in the helproom.

  crossedjoe 15:40 04 May 2003
  Tenner 18:49 04 May 2003

try click here


  Tenner 18:52 04 May 2003

Sorry, it doesn't really help, does it ? ( actually got two other threads mixed up here - apologies )


  Rayuk 19:13 04 May 2003

Cannot see how you can do that with your monitor
Cordless keyboard and mouse maybe.

  Newuser4165 18:04 05 May 2003

Try this program.It works over a wired LAN so I can't see why it shouldn't do the same over a wireless network.
click here

  Newuser3998 14:03 08 May 2003

Of course, I was approaching this from completely the wrong angle.
Remote control software would fulfil my needs admirably and save me more hardware clutter and cabling.
Thanks Newuser4165....I should have thought of that myself....after all I work in IT :-)

Thanks to the rest of you for replying also

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