Continuous Ink Supply System for Epson £6.99

  Gizmo2005 18:31 09 Jul 2008

A Great Deal from Burn Media a Continuous Ink Supply System for Epson R200 / R300 for £6.99, just ordered mine

click here

  spuds 22:47 09 Jul 2008

Just ordered a couple, but wasn't their website very slow!!.

  Sapins 09:32 10 Jul 2008

At the prices on their site I wouldn't mind dial-up speeds;-)

spuds, let us know when you receive your order and if you are pleased with it.

  spuds 10:45 10 Jul 2008

Sapins-- All being well, I should have the items tomorrow as per next day delivery.

What I have noticed is this particular offer for £6.99 (quickcode 152051) which still states 104 in stock, seems the same as another item they have for sale (quickcode 27391) for £14.99 and 1 in stock.

If you intend purchasing, then I would suggest that you look at (quickcode 27380) the syringe-gloves-needle kits at £3.53. The above items do not come with these items, which are required for refilling at a later date. If I had seen them earlier, I would have added them to the list, as the postage wouldn't have been any different.

Would perhaps mention, that I already have two similar kits for my R220 and R300. Well worth the money, and a 'must buy' item for ink values.

Forgot to say, thank you Gizmo2005 for this find, much appreciated.

  Sapins 10:54 10 Jul 2008

Thanks for that, and also to you Gizmo2005 for the link.



  Stuartli 16:45 10 Jul 2008

This company is situated about a mile from where I live and seeingly contained within a large farm barn.

I've called on two or three occasions intending to make purchases, only to find no one around apart from farm workers; there is/was a large Burn Media poster on the side of the barn.

So I've just rung the (local) number given to make tentative enquiries about the CSS system.

I spoke to a sales representative and asked if I could call personally - the reply was that the goods were sent out from Edinburgh and that they also had a warehouse stock at Burscough, about five miles from here.

He claimed running costs were much lower using the barn for office purposes.

Tempting though the offer is, until I can be assured that one or more PCA forum members receive the goods they ordered, I prefer to put any personal ordering to one side for the moment...:-)

  Chris the Ancient 17:55 10 Jul 2008

Why the syringes and gloves? Isn't it a sort of plug-and-go system?

Also wondered. Does it need modifications to the printer so that the bottles are outside and piping through to the 'cartridges' inside?

Not needing any yet - I've recently stocked up through Choice - but will be following this thread with interest.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:41 10 Jul 2008

1) you do not need the syringes and gloves but they make life easier and don't cost much. You use the syringes to refill the ink bottles but if you have a steady hand, you will not need a syringe.
2) No modification is necessary in installing the system but I have cut a small bit out of the plastic lid of my Epson R300 just so the ink lid sits flush with the cover. It is not necessary to do this.
I cannot see why anyone is still using cartridges and at the price above you would be mad not to use CISS.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:44 10 Jul 2008

Just a thought as the set is so cheap...does the price include the ink?


  Gizmo2005 19:02 10 Jul 2008

According to the web site says it comes Pre-filled with the equivalent of over 10 sets of ink cartridges, time will tell.

I have been using the CISS system since I got this Epson Printer R340 and it’s the best investment I made, and since this was such a bargain, compared to the original one, which is still in the printer and working a dream!

  Stuartli 19:44 10 Jul 2008

Could be time for me to provide the following link again, seeing that CISS systems seem to be getting even more popular:

click here

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