Continuing problem with Ebuyer

  Coaster3 10:37 06 Jun 2003

On 7th Feb this year I purchased 5 sticks of RAM from Ebuyer. None of it worked. I sent it back and replaced it with Crucial RAM. Ebuyer agreed that it was all faulty.

Ebuyer refunded for one stick and I am still awaiting a refund for the other four.

I recently read a thread where the FE gave the name and address of the Ebuyer MD but I can't find it. Can anyone help please?

  Xevious 11:12 06 Jun 2003

this is the name and address that Kevin Stone (so called customer services supervisor) gave me a while back for my ongoing problems:

Mike Naylor
Ebuyer UK Ltd
PO BOX 3189
S9 3LR

(Mike Naylor is supposed to be the MD)

didn't help, mind, sent a number of letters ages ago, i think all complaints go straight into file 13 if you catch my drift...

still waiting for a response and resolution, but don't hold your breath!!!

  Coaster3 13:29 06 Jun 2003

Many thanks. I'll send a seven day letter and, if it doesn't work, it's me down to the small claims court.

  Xevious 14:25 06 Jun 2003

no probs, and good luck!
let us know how you get on!

  Coaster3 09:06 13 Jun 2003

To take County Court action, I need the registered address of the company secretary. Any ideas please?

  MichelleC 09:40 13 Jun 2003

You can sue online click here

  -pops- 09:40 13 Jun 2003

From ebuyer website

Ebuyer UK Ltd

201 Woodbourne road


S 9 3LR

  Sir Radfordin™ 10:47 13 Jun 2003

Companies House list the following:

Name & Registered Office :

  Coaster3 09:19 20 Jun 2003

Thanks chaps. Sorry for the delay in replying but am rather busy rebuilding a house at the moment.

  Coaster3 10:30 07 Jul 2003

I sent my letter and got an email in reply this morning. It tells me to raise another RMA pointing out that all 5 sticks of memory were returned at the same time.

I did this and asked for a refund on the remaining 4 sticks. The system then told me that they cannot refund on an item over 30 days old.

They do not seem to take into account that they had the memory back months ago when it was less that 30 days old.

I can feel another letter coming on.

  Xevious 10:07 15 Jul 2003

you feeling like a yo-yo yet?

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