Continuation on pricing on games....

  Pilch.... 02:41 08 Jan 2003
  Pilch.... 02:41 08 Jan 2003

yet another thing started in gamesroom we havent been able to finish.....

Sorry cant link it as i dont have the address for it, but a point of view i thought about tonite....

People where saying about playing games online, but for example, 56k'ers would struggle playing games like perhaps Doom 3 online.

Perhaps if they released the single player version for perhap's £15, then if say someone has got good computer, but only 56k, then they would be happy not paying for teh multiplayer element. But if they have BB and want the multiplayer, then they can get the other half (IE multiplayer) for say another £10. This way you pay for what you want....

Just another point on what was an INTERESTING thread in games room.....

  simonp1 15:44 08 Jan 2003

Very INTERESTING point,a clever idea i think, one of the best yet. I wonder if games manufacturers would go for it?
To continue this INTERESTING thread, when Champ Manger 4 comes out at £35, why dont they do an add on instead for £20( EG The Sims). Most of the programming has been done, just updated transfers and tinkering with game play.

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