Continous Ink Supply System- Got one?

  jack 19:20 15 Sep 2007

In another thread- mentions was made of the above for Epson printers
I looked at them some years ago when a system for my then new R300 cost about £250 or so.
For the amount of printing I was doing then -hardly economical
In the recent thread though mention was made again and a checkup on them now they are about a tenth of that and it now makes a lot of sense.
So with a rush of blood to my flexible friend I have ordered one -its on its way.
But I guess this post should have preceded the order
If you have one tell me/us how it works out for you
How have you fixed it up in relation to the printer.
Any useful gen at all.
Thanx in anticipation

  Terry Brown 21:00 15 Sep 2007

I do not have one, however I seem to remember that you must be no more than half empty on your current cartridge, otherwise it will not work. I assume that is only with black, will they work with colour/.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:01 15 Sep 2007

I bought one for my Epson R300...£19.95 with 100ml refills. It is superb and I would never go back to cartridges. Refills are about £15 for 6x100ml and with click here you get a free set of refills and the CISS system for £33.


  Stuartli 21:45 15 Sep 2007

I seem to recall that pj123 or similar (Edstowe?) has been using a CSS system for some considerable time.

  Totally-braindead 21:52 15 Sep 2007

Yes there are a few members using them with their R200 and R300 printers and have been for some time and no one has reported any problems that I have seen.

  erkmatrix 08:53 16 Sep 2007

Yeah I'm going to get one of these for my R1800 , the way that things gets through ink is scary, just turning it on and a 5th of a cartridge seems to go.

I've seen two I'm considering one for £69.99 from click here. the ink refills are then only £7.95 for 100ml or £44.95 for a set 800ml

the other one is from click here and its £79.99 and the brand is fotospeed and they are £9.99 for 100ml refill

Certainly works out better , so as I do a lot of printing going to get one, heard good things from people who have bought of ebay sellers selling these things.

  jack 09:22 16 Sep 2007

Thank you for these chaps
If you can pass any tips on how you placed the system in relation to the printer , say or any other installation info that may be an improvement or adaptation of the original instructions - I will be grateful

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:14 16 Sep 2007

I just put mine on the RHS of the printer pushed against it. You will need a few inches space.


  Tazfan 12:11 16 Sep 2007

I have an Epson R360. Once the supplied ink ran out, I substituted a CISS. I have not looked back. Its a joy. The ink is excellent, and I can see at a glance how much ink I have and so know when I need to top up. I have been using it for a few months now, and despite lots of use, I am yet to top any of the bottles up.
The bottles I stuck to the right side of the printer using self adhesive Velcro pads, and ran the piping up and over. I had to make a slight modification to the lid that covers the cartridge holder so the piping passed through, but it was easy to do.
I have not regretted getting a CISS, and I have sold the idea to many people.

  €dstowe 14:37 16 Sep 2007

I've been using CISS on my home Epsons for ages (I don't remember mentioning on here, though).

I wouldn't use anything else now. Best ever accessory for a printer.

  Joe R 15:52 16 Sep 2007

Just ordered for my R220, from the link supplied from GANDALF <|:-)>

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