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  Pev 17:00 05 Sep 2005

I ordered a Netgear USB adaptor from Ebuyer on 25th July 05. This arrived at the end of the month and proved to be faulty - consistently dropping the econnection - tested on two computers. I sent an enote to Ebuyer asking for an RMA returns number and also tried to phone them via their customer serrvices number whch proved impossible to get through. Hearing nothing from Ebuyer I then returned the adaptor with a covering letter explaining the problem. No acknowledgement of receipt or reply was received from Ebuyer despite including my home tel number, email address and mobile phone number in the covering letter. I again sent them an enote, which in itself is not at all straightforward to do, requesting a responce to my letter and to acknowledge receipt of the faulty adaptor. I only received an automated response telling me that it takes a week to respond to enotes. Three enotes later from me still produced no reply to my enotes so I wrote them a letter addressed to the customer services manager. I then received an enote response informing me that without an RMA number it could be anywhere in the factory and asking me for proof of delivery of the returned item. As this was posted 1st class, I only had a proof of posting receipt from the Post Office.
I then tried again phoning Ebuyer customer services. On their website it tells you that contacting custome services is easy and gives response times for answering the phone for that day and the previous day. I do not know where these figures come from as I tried continually to contact Ebuyer customer services for 1 & 1/2 hours. The phone was either disconnected as soon as it was connected; answered with a recorded message telling you to phone back later. On 3 occasions I actually got to queue only for the call to be disconnected after waiting in line for several minutes. My experience of contacting customer service totally contradicts their website statement "Contacting us is easy!".
I cannot believe that a returned item to Ebuyer with a covering letter cannot be located and I think the benefit of Ebuyers competitive pricing is not worth the aggravation involved when you cannot even contact customer services let alone get an acknowledgment for returned goods without an RMA number. So now I am left with no refund or replacement for faulty goods purchased from Ebuyer.
A very dissatified customer.

  spuds 17:33 05 Sep 2005

The golden rules in these type of problems, always get a RMA number or get the item registered. That way you will have some form of claim, either from Ebuyer or the Royal Mail/Courier company.

  Totally-braindead 18:51 05 Sep 2005

I'm afraid Spuds is right, if you send them something without an RMA authorisation they may not accept it and because its been sent unrecorded there is no way to prove it arrived. The Enote system is one of the reasons I won't deal with them anymore. If you put your return address on the back of the parcel it may find its way back to you failing that I'm afraid its as good as lost.

  Pev 19:17 05 Sep 2005

I always have my home address label on the back of anything I post. I still find it difficult to believe they wouldn't accept a package addressed to their returns dept just because it doesn't have an RMA number on it. Their enote system and the almost impossibility to contect customer services will be the reason I won't be placing any more business with them in future.

  Totally-braindead 21:11 05 Sep 2005

I don't like them and will never use them again but they state on the website that returns without RMA numbers will not be accepted. Quite a few other suppliers are the same but and heres the main difference as far as I'm concerned, if you do need to return an item to another company, in my experience at least you get a returns number quite quickly whereas with Ebuyer it may take days.

  T-Worthy 10:02 21 Sep 2005

I agree with Pev entirely with regard to the appalling (almost non-existent)customer service provided by Ebuyer. I bought an external hard-drive from them early in September with an estimated delivery time on their website of 8 September. When I did not receive it after a week, I tried phoning them. Waste of time because, like Pev, I was told that 'due to heavy demand for the service they were unable to answer calls right now. Please call again later'.

I tried repeatedly, but always got the same reply so, reluctantly, I sent them an eNote. First I received an automated reply saying I would get a response after 7 days. A week later I got another one which did not address any of the concerns I raised but saying that they were confident my problem was now solved. In fact, their website still records the status of my two-week old order as 'picking in progress' and I have not received my hard-drive so the matter is not resolved at all. I have replied to their eNote but no doubt will have to wait at least another 7 days for a response! And of course, their phone line still says I should try again later!

Surely, the main issue here is the persistant and determined effort of certain web-based retailers to keep all their customers at such a distance that they need provide no customer care service at all. I for one will be voting with my feet here and never use ebuyer again. However, it is appalling that other people will unknowingly to use this awful company and experience the same frustrations.

  zanwalk 21:23 23 Sep 2005

For a landline number to contact ebuyer see this page:

click here

  Forum Editor 23:37 23 Sep 2005

that you returned your adapter without a returns number Pev, Ebuyer (in common with many online retailers) make it very clear that you should never do this, as it is very difficult, if not impossible to trace items returned in this way.

I can sympathise with your intense frustration at not being able to contact the company, and we have seen similar complaints in the past.

To be absolutely fair to Ebuyer it's true to say that they are probably one of the more successful online trading companies, and the number of complaints we see here is pretty small when compared to the huge volume of sales they handle. I have been buying from them for quite a while now, and so far all of my orders have arrived on time, and with no faults. I haven't had to use the E-notes system, so I can't comment from personal experience.

As for keeping their customers at a's worth remembering that this is an e-commerce operation, and such businesses tend to work that way. The whole idea is to provide a wide range of products, delivered to your door at low prices, and one way of keeping prices low is to dispense with the need for a large number of people answering phones. It all works pretty well most of the time, but on occasion it causes problems, and when you're the one on the receiving end it's incredibly annoying.

  Forum Editor 23:46 23 Sep 2005

should be in Consumerwatch by the way - not Sperakers Corner - and I'll move it now.

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