Contact details of Director of PCSpecialists

  happyhotspur 11:36 04 Feb 2017

Does anybody know who to contact at other than their so called customer service or general enquiries ? I have the name of their Director Mr Daniel Williams but all the listed e-mails do not exist. I want to give their management the opportunity to solve my long running ( since September 2016 on a laptop less than two years old), issues with them before I am forced to seek legal redress! What an awful company to do business with if you get an issue with one of their products, believe me Thanks

  lotvic 13:38 04 Feb 2017

You could try posting at trustpilot click here someone called 'Fran' responded to a complaint about 3 hours ago.

  happyhotspur 15:21 04 Feb 2017

Thanks have just posted a review on there, I was generous and gave them 1 star

  HondaMan 21:47 04 Feb 2017

Now and then something goes wrong with things, through nobody's fault. The computer is two years+ old. From my limited knowledge of PCSpecialist, they are not the most expensive manufacturers so my advice would be to buy another computer. Yours is already half-way through its predicted lifecycle

  happyhotspur 06:40 05 Feb 2017

Thanks HondaMan, although I did say my laptop was less than two years old, and not two years+ The things that have gone wrong in the opinion of an independent repairer indicated poor build quality with good spec components Which is a shame, as I picked the spec myself

  Forum Editor 10:16 05 Feb 2017

"The things that have gone wrong in the opinion of an independent repairer indicated poor build quality..."

Unfortunately, these things are often matters of opinion - it's notoriously difficult to quantify what constitutes poor build quality.

That said, a laptop should not develop a major fault under normal working conditions within two years of delivery. You haven't given us much to go on, because you haven't outlined what the problem is. It would help us to know more.

Give us more detail - then I'll be happy to offer some specific advice.

  happyhotspur 13:12 05 Feb 2017

Around Sept 2016 I contacted PCS Customer Service Department in regard to my laptop (it was approx 19 months old) that had strange flashing horizontal lights of around 2.5 inches wide across the screen. I thought it might have been a loose connection and the assistant agreed and suggested that if I was confident enough to open the laptop up and have a look and see if a loose connection was the issue, she further suggested that she could send me a copy via e-mail of the technical manual so I could follow the instructions of how to disassemble the machine.

As I now live in Spain I readily agreed. By the representative of PCS making that offer I readily agreed and although my laptop was out of its one year warranty it was still covered for labour costs should it ever be returned to them.

Unfortunately I could remove some of the screws holding the base to the body, but noticed that some screws were in fact missing.

The flashing lights got worse, so I again contacted the same person and future explained the problems and also mentioned the (in my opinion) excessive wear on the track pad. It was suggested that I could return the machine to them at a cost of £35 plus any parts that might be required. This figure changed upwards after every time I contacted the customer service department, until the cost involved was more than getting it repaired here in Spain.

The screen then failed completely, I got the machine repaired here and the repairer supplied me with photos of the condition of the inside of the laptop. Which I subsequently supplied to PCS

I then was passed to a PCS supervisor who told me that there was no problem with the quality of the machine however if I paid £35 sent the machine back they would have a look and if any components had failed due to poor quality they would repair at no further cost, bearing in mind I had repaired the screen although the engineer over here had told me due to the poor quality of the case and hinges the screen would fail again, I thought it would be better for PCS to actually investigate all the issues.

They received my laptop on 21 December 2016 and still have it. They have told me it initially needed a new back panel but the wear on the track pad was normal, to which I was gobsmacked as I have never seen wear like this regarded as normal for the age of this machine.

This is wear it gets silly, I explained that I was not satisfied that their own technicians came to this conclusion. I explained that when the machine is returned to me I would seek an independent examination and if this proved I was correct about the poor quality I would seek legal advice for either a replacement of the poor parts at PCS own cost.

After several further discussions via e-mails, they offered to replace the panel for free as a gesture of goodwill and then explained that I had breech the conditions of the warrenty by opening the back initially. I explained about the original offer from their own rep that I could open the machine and as they themselves sent me the instructions to open then I assumed that would not invalidate the warrenty.

Again after several exchanges via e-mails, I told them to return my laptop and I would seek legal advice. They after them explaining that to actually repair the machine fully it also needed a new top cover, but as they had now accidentally caused future slight damage they would supply the new parts free and this would also cover the track pad.

Apart from me having to purchase the new screen for the Spanish repair all my other issues would now be repaired free of charge (except the initially £35 I had already paid them), however they were awaiting the delivery of the top cover. This was on 18 January 2017, I am still waiting the part to arrive and my laptop returned to me. Despite several e-mails to them I get the same answer ‘still awaiting the part’. Funny enough this is the actual part I claimed was inferior quality so perhaps the manufacturer does not supply this part anymore.

But I am still awaiting some indication of when and if I am ever going to get my laptop back. Sorry about the length of this but so much has happened, this has been such a stressful experience for me.

  Forum Editor 13:23 05 Feb 2017

I have edited your post to break it into paragraphs - many people will not read huge slabs of text with no paragraph breaks.

  Forum Editor 13:36 05 Feb 2017

In summary, after a protracted series of emails the company appears to have accepted liability for the required repairs. It's disappointing to hear that a supplier accused you of invalidating a warranty by opening the laptop, when you were encouraged to do so by one of its own employees.

It's also disappointing that you had to battle so hard to get the service which - based on the evidence you've supplied - you were entitled to from the start.

There is a legal requirement for a supplier to effect a repair withing a reasonable time, unless it can be demonstrated that there are extenuating circumstances, such as a delay in the arrival of parts. In this case you have no option other than to wait a little longer, although you should expect the supplier to keep you informed - this can't be an open-ended wait

  happyhotspur 07:24 06 Feb 2017

Thank you for your reply your comments are much appreciated guess I will just have to keep waiting. PCS rarely contact me I gave to contact them first. Worst customer service I have ever dealt with. Sorry about some of the spelling and Grammer errors I am hopeless typing on a phone, lol

  Forum Editor 08:46 06 Feb 2017

"I am hopeless typing on a phone"

Join the club; if you've done all this from a phone you've got nothing to apologise for.

Good luck with the wait - let's hope it will end happily. You know where to come if it doesn't.

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