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  AFoxyLady 13:23 19 Jan 2009

I purchased a laptop on 28th August 2009 for my daughter who is at school currently doing her A Levels.

Unknown to me, this laptop has a problem which she was aware of before Christmas.

The screen flickers on and off and will go black She also has had the BSD.

I intend on returning it to PC World, but would like some advice on how to go about this, and exactly what my concumer rights are.

I fully appreciate we are all human, and I have no intention of going in all guns blazing!

We do need the laptop to be replaced or repaired as a matter of urgency as her work is on this laptop and she takes it back to school and also from my house to dads house. All her work is backed up to a portable hard drive, and also an the web on a secure site.

Is there a time limit that can be requested for a repair? Does it have to be repaired on site?

I did not purchase any extra guarantee.

  MAJ 13:40 19 Jan 2009

The laptop, as it was bought less than six months ago, will be deemed to have that fault when you bought it, it's up to the retailer (PCW in this case) to prove that the fault didn't exist when you bought it.

  AFoxyLady 13:44 19 Jan 2009

Hi Maj - Thanks for your reply

What exactly does that mean in reference to it being replaced or repaired though, and what is the best way for me to approach them without sounding like a know it all mum!

  MAJ 13:53 19 Jan 2009

I'm not sure about it being replaced, AFoxyLady, someone more 'up' on comsumer law than I am will advise you soon I'm sure, but the least you can expect is a repair I would have thought.

".....without sounding like a know it all mum!"

Just be polite (I'm sure you always are anyway), explain the situation and let them know that you have researched your consumer rights, explain that the laptop was bought less than six months ago and ask them what action they propose to take to 'help you'. PCW will know your rights and when they see that you do as well, they should try to sort things out for you. You might get a few arguments, but politely stick to your guns.

  AFoxyLady 14:01 19 Jan 2009

LoL - Are the users on here not always polite, both on the forums and in the "real" world....?

Being in business myself, I fully understand and appreciate good manners, and also know that if you are rude it gets you absolutely nowhere, and gets the other person perhaps even more determined NOT to help!

Spose I am just concerned that its not handed over for longer than necessary..... (how long is a piece of string...) and its repaired (or replaced.....) as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Will keep a look out for any more consumer savvy advice here, and am planning on taking it back to PCW tomorrow (Tuesday)

Once again thanks


  HondaMan 15:00 19 Jan 2009

Hello, AFoxyLady, try this link

click here

  Pamy 15:04 19 Jan 2009

Ican't see any problem getting it repaired or maybe even replaced if another in stock. The problem you are likely to encounter is that the repair could take up to a month and there is no guarrantee that the HDD is not wiped (although I cannot see why it should) or that if replaced,all your daughters data has to be reinstalled( and this is not always 100% succesfull )

  GaT7 15:13 19 Jan 2009

Yes, as Pamy implies, always backup the hard disk before handing it in for repair/replacement. G

  spuds 15:19 19 Jan 2009

Within the first 6 months from purchase (you have just caught it in time!), its for the retailer (PCW)to prove that the item was not faulty from day of purchase. After the initial 6 months, its for you to prove the fault already existed, which could make things more difficult. Ignore the 12 month warranty, because things like laptops (in consumer law) should have a longer serviceable period.

Also remember its would be PCW's responsibility to resolve the problem, and not the manufacturer. But sometimes going the manufacturers route might be quicker, providing PCW have given you authority to do this, preferably in writing. Going direct to the manufacturer in the first instant, could reduce your consumer rights.

For your consumer rights, and latest information about resolving this issue click here

  AFoxyLady 16:21 19 Jan 2009

Thanks for all the pointers - I am going to check the external links and print off any necessary information.

All photos documents music etc are saved to an external HD as well as being backed up to the external web site of Bullguard.

Watch this space.

I am sure it will all be resolved ok....


  Zaphod 3 17:00 19 Jan 2009

What make is the laptop?

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