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  jamager1 10:58 17 Apr 2006

Hi All. Could anyone advise me on my rights in the following matter? I purchased an item online from a large electrical retailer on 8th April and chose the delivery date as today (17th April). It's due to be delivered some time this PM. I was checking my account on that site yesterday and whilst browsing happened to notice that sometime after I had ordered the item it had reduced in price by £50 (can't say exactly when during this 8 day period). I telephoned the company today and mentioned this. They said they would email HO to ask for a refund of the £50 but there would be no promise. The alternative would be to cancel the order which would make things awkward for me as I desperately need the item. How do I stand legally with the price and am I entitled to ask for the £50 refund?

Many thanks for any advice

  hzhzhz 11:19 17 Apr 2006

I would say no.

  Mr Mistoffelees 11:36 17 Apr 2006

No harm in asking, I certainly would, but you won't be legally entitled.

  spuds 11:36 17 Apr 2006

The price would be at the time of purchase, unless the seller as agreed to honour the price in their terms and conditions ( ie lowest price guaranteed).

Your only course of action, if their HO doesn't agree on a £50 refund, is to cancel the item/order under the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000, then place a new order.

Remember that you will be responsible for delivery charges, if you change your mind, and this should be bourne in mind, as to any final outcome.

Delivery on bank holiday Monday!.

  Forum Editor 11:39 17 Apr 2006

is that which prevailed at the time the contract (between you and the online seller) was made.

The seller advertised a price (a process known as an 'offer to treat') and you made an offer to purchase at that price. The seller accepted your offer in writing, and at that point a contract was created. You fulfil your part of the deal when the goods are paid for, and the seller fulfils his/her/their part when the goods are delivered.

Any subsequent reduction in the advertised price does not affect your contratct and you have no right to demand a reduction. If the seller agrees to reduce your purchase price it will be purely a goodwill gesture on their part - don't expect it to happen.

  jamager1 12:33 17 Apr 2006

Someone told me that the contract was not complete until delivery was made and therefore I have a better argument. Not sure if that's correct though. Just checked the website and there is no charge for returning the item although it really will inconvenience me to do this. It just anoyed me more than anything else particularly when you hear of other retailers in the press recently contacting the customer to confirm a price reduction and reflecting it in the sale.

  Totally-braindead 12:43 17 Apr 2006

Unless you return it and buy another at the new price you are stuck with it.

Put another way, how would you like it if the shoe was on the other foot and the price increased and they wanted you to pay the increased price. You wouldn't be happy would you?

This must have happened to you before, its happened to everyone. You buy something one day and the next day its cheaper. You have no arguement about it, you agreed to pay the price and bought it at that price. Either you accept it or you return it, the seller has no obligation whatsoever to do anything and whoever told you you have a better arguement was talking rubbish. If you want the reduction then you'll have to return it unless as a goodwill gesture they reduce it for you but they have no obligation to do so.

I bought a DVD recorder a month or so ago, before it arrived the price dropped £10 from £89 to £79. I didn't expect to get it at the cheaper price as its just one of those things that happen and I couldn't be bothered returning it.

  ade.h 15:47 17 Apr 2006

With regard to what someone told you, the contract is already "complete" at that point, it just hasn't been fulfilled yet. That's the difference.

  pj123 16:00 17 Apr 2006

Haven't we all had that problem? We buy something today and tomorrow it's half price.

That's life.

When I first bought a DVD burner LG 4082 standard 4.7gb it cost me £49. It stopped working a week ago so I bought a new LG 4167 Dual Layer (8.5gb) £25.

  Starfox 16:25 17 Apr 2006

As Totally-braindead says it can happen the other way round also.For instance I ordered a Phillips combi DVD/Vhs recorder at the end of January from Comet and when I went to collect it I noticed the price had increased from £149 to £219, I wasn't asked to pay the higher price so it works both ways.

You can always ask them I suppose,they might even offer you a refund.

  Forum Editor 17:48 17 Apr 2006

when you offer to pay the seller, and the seller accepts the offer.

It's 'performed' by you when you pay the money, and by the seller when the goods are delivered.

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