[DELETED] 12:20 30 Jan 2008

Anyone had problem dealing with this website?

I ordered this EZFlash 5 (1x 3-in-1 Bundle) click here) before X'mas and only received the slot2 rumble power pack,the slot1 Flash card i.e. click here was missing,ironically inside the jiffy bag there was a brand new flat packed paper box which the Flash card was supposed to be in was enclosed.

I sent a ticket (a strange communication system)to their support centre,no one replied therefore I sent another ticket to their return department,again nothing happened,the whole process is more than a month now.

I'm sending a recorded letter to their mailing address,giving them 7 working days to resolve this matter otherwise my credit card company will be informed and possibility of action thru' small claim court.

This I'll have to wait and see.

Below it's the website's corresponding address:(No one will ever answer to phone calls)

IOwner, Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Billing Contact are:
Playables Limited
Waidat Chan (ID00343151)
32 Hayes Court
Camberwell New Road
London, Surrey SE5 0TQ
United Kingdom
Phone: +44.2077037764
Email: [email protected]

  [DELETED] 12:48 30 Jan 2008

It'd probably be less hassle to get a refund from them and let them chase consoleup

  [DELETED] 14:40 30 Jan 2008

But I still want my EZFlash 5 card,if they can send me one or refund to my credit card if they don't have one in stock,that will be the most painless process.

  spuds 16:16 30 Jan 2008

If they are not responding to your concerns, then I would notify your credit card company for further advice. Might perhaps save a lot of hassle in the long term,especially if they say the item was enclosed in what you say, was an empty box.

  [DELETED] 14:17 15 Feb 2008

The missing EZFlash5 card is eventually sent to me after a recorded delivery complaint letter was sent to them together with some printed out copies of communicating e-mails.

  [DELETED] 13:39 06 Dec 2008

Hi retep888,
I have recived my registed parcel with the box but nothing incide
I have ordered CycloDS
I have contacted them, hope they will reply to my 2 emails/tickets

  [DELETED] 01:24 08 Dec 2008

I can't believe a company like this still survived,don't expect they'll reply to your emails.

I ordered items like you did before X'mas,"YES" it did come quickly but something missing.

Mind you, it eventually came after "2 months" and only after a registered complaint letter was sent.

Good luck.

  [DELETED] 19:01 08 Dec 2008

I got email today saying they will send another one
Hope to recive in time
Thanx for reply

  [DELETED] 12:21 10 Jan 2009

Last December 2008 I made two orders (one of them by mistake), I was buying a cycloDS evolution memory + 2Gb Micro SD Card, When I was buying, and after I introduced the credit card number, the screen was frost and after 15 minutes appeared an error page, then I introduce again all my details as well as the card number, and it was the same, an error page appeared. Then I checked into my bank account and It had been charged two cycloDS memories by click here
Then I made my complaint through their web site (support tickets) but nothing. Since then I have not received any package, post, or e-mail from them.

  [DELETED] 10:28 20 Jan 2009

I've just tried to go to but the page fails to open. I'm wondering if they've gone belly-up!

  [DELETED] 13:18 20 Jan 2009

Scratch that last comment, the site is back up now.

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